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1972 Beams powered shit missile

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This is my build. Datsun purist shield your eyes. Let the Hackery commence 



1972 sedan

2003 Toyota Beams 3sge

/w 6 speed j160

Big boy ITBs from Panic 

Surfab oil pan 

Xcessive Shifter relocation kit 


T3 suspension, brakes, diff brace

Byron’s brackets in rear

Chase bays in-line hydro hand brake

Some fake ass wheels off eBay 

Tucked aluminum rad from a Acura rsx

JSP fab fancy cnc aluminum water inlets/outlets


Kinda long read. Read it. Don’t read it. Fuckin whatever. 


So yea. Been working on this for the last like 8 months. Started as a “let’s get it running” to a full blown build. Took serious inspiration from the ShaDynasty drift team and the Panic brothers. If you’re not familiar they are worth checking out! 


Anyway, this started as a stock ass 72 sedan with an auto. So the story goes like this. I frequent a Toyota junk yard near me for truck parts for my crawler and for years everytime I go there I have seen this 510 rotting away in this guys driveway. Last November I got the balls to ask about it and wouldn’t ya know it, he gave it to me free. The classic, “bring a trailer and she’s yours”. Stoked. I had already known I wanted a drift build in the future so why not out of this free chassis! With a little research and the discovery of Panic and ShaDynasty I decided on the Toyota Beams 3sge. It’s like a 4age on crack. Dual cam, dual vvti, very high revving (8500!) little N/A rocket. And they’re cheap. Cheaper than a lot of swaps these days. Not huge power but lightish and peppy. Perfect for what I want. 


Now this swap started with fixing rust (poorly) in the floor boards. Then basically tearing the entire thing down to just a shell. Stripped all suspension, rear diff, rear crossmember fuckin all of it bud. By myself. In December and January outside in north western Montana. I only say that cause I’m jealous of every single garage I see. Anyway. It sucked. So I fuckin rushed it and made a few half ass repairs. 







Next. The fucking suspension. I went the easy but expensive route of buying pretty much every necessary suspension component from techno toy tuning. They rock. They make cool shit. They use it. And it works good. So all 4 coilovers, their wilwood package all around, gtx2 adjustable control arms, steering links and tension rods up front. So she’s got some shiny pretty bits where it counts. Plus all of that stuff is very easily maintenance-able if/when I wad this thing into a wall or off a road somewhere. Also threw on some cheap ass fake wheels from eBay, 15x8 +24. They fit alright surprisingly but they are only temporary for now. Choosing the right, real wheels is hard. They cost a lot. You gotta wait forever. And god forbid they don’t fucking fit right! Sheesh. I’m sure you understand. 







So this beams motor actually fit really fucking easy. All I did was hack/grind off the stock motor mounts on the cross member of the 510. Then lowered in the beams with trans attached. Dropped it basically on the crossmember, marked it, took a few rough estimates. Then tacked in some mounts I made half assedly out of some plate I had laying around. Test fit. Worked. Burned em all the way in. Simple as that. The trans mount I was able to modify the original cross member from the automatic transmission and utilize the stock mounting bolts and location. Even the hole I cut out from the trans tunnel was maybe 9 square inches. I’m telling you this engine was made to be put into a 510. Pictures are worth a thousand words…..



the modified crossmember with ghetto plate motor mounts




checking clearance of modified headers to steering box.






So to supply this terrifying 200hp to the cheap eBay fake wheels, I got myself a R180 diff out of a 2013 Subaru STI. 3.54 gears and torsen style LSD. I don’t know gear ratios or none of that fancy math. So who knows how or what this gearing and LSD will feel like. If its crappy and won’t lock for me then I’ll open the bitch up and give her the Lincoln locker and weld it solid. So yea. A fancy ass T3 crossmember holds it in there. And yes I had to slightly grind the flange on the diff to get it to fit through the stock crossmember. But it fits with a little brute force. And spent way too much money on a Dirveshaft Shop 3” aluminum driveshaft. It’s dope looking though. And no need to modify the tunnel to accommodate the bigger shaft. 

small cutout for new shifter




shifter and trans in place. Fits perfect in that stock slot




So yea where are we. Oh. Waiting on the wiring harness. That’s where. Which is fine. Up to this point I’ve done everything I can to this car. Every detail. Catch cans for this thing, fuckin vacuum block for the ITBs, make rad hoses, make brake lines for the inline hydro hand brake, I mean all kinds of stuff. So I am having someone make my wiring harness. And that means I gotta wait. Now I’m just doing dumb stuff to the car cause I’m bored. Pearl purple engine bay? Why not. NRG quick release steering wheel? Sure. I think a cage is next on the menu before she is truly “drift” ready. 


But tell me what you guys think. It’s a work in progress built by a guy who is just making it up as he goes. Ask questions if have em. If ya don’t. Well. Fucking whatever. 




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38 minutes ago, five1oh said:

SWEET!!!  awesome work so far just wish the pictures were higher definition 🙂  


Keep the updates coming!


I’m trying to figure out how to post better pictures, been a while since I’ve participated in a forum. I have good quality pics, just not sure how to get them on here. 

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9 minutes ago, iceman510 said:

That does fit nicely.  What is the header from?


I have never heard of "Beams" before.  New to me, but I don't do much Toyota stuff.  Should be a nice engine.

The header is from the 3sge motor, but in stock form it wouldn’t clear the steering box or linkage. Had to slightly alter two of the tubes to make it fit. 

the beams motor is popular in the Toyota world. MR2 and AE86 Corolla guys commonly swap them in. It was a joint engineering effort from Toyota and Yamaha, so it has both manufacturers emblems on it! Which I think is kinda cool. The one I’m using is the 5th and last generation of this motor. 

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19 minutes ago, The_Busch pilot said:

I’m trying to figure out how to post better pictures, been a while since I’ve participated in a forum. I have good quality pics, just not sure how to get them on here. 


When you click to reply, it should show down in the lower part of the window to drag files to attach.  Sometimes people report  it does not work on phones.  I can see it right now as I type this.  Can only be 4MB, so watch the size or resize.

drag to attach.JPG

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3 hours ago, slowlearner said:

Man, nice work. Respect for working outside in a Montana winter! Some nice parts too. 🙂

Thanks! It’s got a few little goodies on it! 

Worked in it today. Made a mount for the “gauges”. I’m running a Link monsoon ecu, so basically this is a poor man’s racepack. Cheap Lenovo tablet and I run a obd port to usb cable to the ecu. Pretty nifty and hell of a lot cheaper than an haltech or racepack etc. 


I tried posting a pic of it but still can’t get these image hosting links to work. So. Imagine a tablet zip tied to a 510 dash. 



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