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  1. Hey Bonvo, great to see more work on the 610. I love 610s, especially coupes. You're coilover change made me think of this video that Brendan Reeves put out last year when he was building his 510 rally car. It's got coilovers too... The reason I mention it is because of what someone mentioned to me a while back. That being swapping coilovers straight in without any other mods can cause issues. The trailing arms around the shock mount on the 510 are boxed in (See 10:30, it's called the "Safari" mod.) It stops the shock mount on the arm from bending. I'm also told the upper shock mount isn't really designed to have a the whole weight of the back of the car on it. You can see his upper shock mounts are all seam welded and the mounts are built into the cage and braced together (See 10:04). Anyhow, I know you're not building a rally car, but I thought you might like to see this. 🙂
  2. Would be a lot more fun with another 400cc and a big carb, and an open exhaust... course, it's your truck. 🙂
  3. That is freaking stunning! I wish I'd been able to find one like that in Aust, but they nearly all got rallied to death. Come to think of it, I've never seen a poverty pack 610 coupe. We only got SSS 2 doors here and we never got those tail lights. That motor looks just like the L18 in my 510. I'd say that's what it is. Unfortunately, the auto trans is a dog. I owned a 610 auto for about a week when I was 21. That trans literally sucks the life out of the motor. There's plenty of low down torque in first, but beyond that, it's horrible. I can see why you wouldn't want to manual swap it though. That car is cherry! How many miles has it done?
  4. Man, this thing is ultra cool! Love the sun-bleached paint. Looks like someone has done you a favor and dropped an L series in there. The truck should go really nice with that, although I'd ditch the stock carb. They're not very fun.
  5. MGBs are lovely looking cars. You can see all Italian influences in them. Unfortunately, once you get under the skin, it's all over. Mechanically they're horrible. My condolences to your brother. 😁
  6. I have no idea what year the L18 is but I assume it came from a 610 in the 70s. Here's the number... But I can't guarantee the dizzy is stock either...
  7. That looks better than my efforts with JB weld, so don't stress. 😆
  8. I can do "learn as you drive" for the fuel table, but not for spark. I need to get advance vaguely right, then the fuel table close to spot on. Then I can add more timing from there.
  9. I'm looking to populate a spark advance table like the one below with useful figures to get a car running. The motor is a stockish L18 with twin SUs and headers. I need something conservative that will help it run but not cause issues. Ignore the figures in the table, they're from a different project.
  10. Last bit of stuff I got done during my hols was fiddling with tank a bit. The good news is it's mostly pretty clean... Can't tell you how relieved I was to find factory fresh steel inside the tank. The only crusty bit that came out was this... That's genuine classic rally car dirt and fuel varnish! Limited edition stuff right there! The inside of the collection pot is similarly clean... I would have treated the tank with the Caswell sealer by now, but we've had some cold weather (by aussie standards) and it tells me not to use it under 70degF. It hasn't even been that warm inside our house, let alone the shed. So it can wait a few days till it warms up. I had a similar issue with the JB Weld. Without enough head it stayed tacky for a few days. Even leaving it heated on the slow combustion stove didn't help. Only warm sunlit did the trick. I really don't want a repeat of that on the fuel tank.
  11. That looks great! What a good idea. 🙂
  12. I spent the afternoon making this throttle body adapter today. It's made of offcuts. I'm using a holden/buick V6, 70mm TB. I've tapped all the holes in this. A practice I've taken up to save the need for nuts in weird places and more than one hand to do bolts up properly. I put the whole elephant together again and then I realized... Oh uh... it's a bit long. 😞 Various measurements and curse words later, I remembered once more how small a 510 engine bay is. The throttle body will mount hard up against the airbox if I trim the adapter. However, then there's no room left for an air filter. I could run the filter in the airbox, but I get the impression that's a fail. So I think what's required is to put a 90 deg hose on the airbox and point the TB and filter down behind the passenger (or driver in the northern hemisphere) side headlights. My other challenge is that buick had the throttle cable running off the front side of the TB rather than like usual. So I'm really tempted to put the TB on backwards instead. There are various silicon adaptors that will make that easy enough. I should stop stuffing around and just order something. Which brings me to what turned up today... I was pretty pleased when I ripped open the brown paper and found this. I'd forgotten it was coming. So this will keep me busy for the next few days. In other news, I've been trying to sort out where to put the ECU inside the car. I'm procrastinating of course. I just want to get the best spot possible so the loom is working best. That means over-thinking it completely. 🙄 I also sorted out a clutch linkage problem today. Man I love the local steel shop! 🤓
  13. After a bit more stuffing around. I was finally able to put this altogether today.... Here's the complete intake minus the TB. I went to pick up some pipe to do that today but was 15min late and the exhaust shop was closed. 😞 For some reason, the whole thing reminds me of an elephant. 🙂 I'm still making up my mind if I want the air filter inside the airbox or completely separate. On the back of the airbox I have three fittings. Two for vacuum (MAP sensor and fuel pres reg). One for oil vapour, but I think I'll stuff my inlet air temp sensor in it. 😉 My only abiding concern is whether the injector rail will leak around the O-rings. Here's hoping and praying it won't. I have some flexibility in where it is if I need to jiggle things around a bit. I can trim or shim to get it right.
  14. I was really planning to have 2 weeks off, but yay... with lockdown I'll only be taking 6 days. 😞 On the upside, I have a whole week to mess around in the shed... and I am. My no.1 thing was to get the coil packs mounted. I was hoping to mount them on the strut tower, but heck. Wouldn't you know it, there was a master cylinder in the way. So why not mount it on the rocker cover, coz these guys are... Nissan / Datsun Coil on Plug Mounting Bracket | OneSix Industries Here's mine. On the bench... On the car... Next job was to get the MAP and Flexfuel sensors mounted... Yes, that's a 1 bar MAP sensor. I can change it if I get boost. I also discovered where I'll be putting my EFI pressure regulator. One of the bolts on the firewall for the Datsun throttle linkage will hold it up nicely. 🙂 And my intake hose arrive. It fits so nicely over the end of the airbox intake duct! Overall, I reckon I'm making progress. 🙂
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