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  1. Rather not! Prefer to do it once and do it properly. It's $300 worth of repair panels. Yeah, I know what you think about repair panels.
  2. Confession... I'm totally procrastinating. I have a full bottle of welding gas, lots 0.6mm wire, $270 worth of repair panels and I'm just scared of stuffing it up. Someone wail on me or coax me into doing it. 😟
  3. 1 word = jealous. 😞 Like I don't already have enough junk in my garage... 😄
  4. That front panel appears to have a lot of "natural speed-holes". Fixing them will be fun. 🙄 I like the general idea though. In Europe people put all manner of motors in hotrods. Quite a few small hotrods got Datsun A series motors over here. I wouldn't mind building a "Bantam" like that... or a big sports car style rod with Jag running gear and suspension.... Hmm, ideas... Better finish what I have first. 🙂
  5. Have you got a colour planned for this? Or are you going to sand it shiny and spray clear over it? 😄
  6. Love to see a pic of what you did under the wagon to fit the IRS. 🙂
  7. Totally. I'm terrified of screwing that bit up. I'll cut it too long to begin with. 😉
  8. I wondered if I'd got it backwards, cutting off the quarter first, but I figured I needed to know what was behind it too. I'm ordering the inner drop panel as well now. There are too many complex shapes in the drop panel and they're all around the edge I need to weld the outer panel to.
  9. Speaking of which... from 16:57. Some wagon fun.
  10. Thanks, will do. I actually watch these guys all the time. They do some amazing work. The 60' Fury is a total resurrection. https://www.youtube.com/user/coldwarmotors
  11. Whipped out the grinder this morning and got to work... There wasn't much Datsun primer left on the inside of the panel. I was going to graft the new panel in just under the bump hole. Then I saw rust between the two panels and cut another strip out, about an inch wide. What worried me more was the state of the bottom of the inner panel. Some of the pin holes can be welded up but a lot of that metal should be replaced. I'm figuring out what to do about that. I think small pieces grafted in is the trick. My main issues is the inner panel is very much 3 dimensional. I don't know how I'm going to recreate that. It doesn't have to be pretty, but it does need to work and all the metal is so thin. Any input from @Noll or other old masters would be great. 🙂 I also spent an hour beating out some accident damage in the panel from a previous ding in the back corner. By this time it was lunch time, so I put on a coat of weld through primer. Came back from lunch and got the welder out and... I'd run out of gas. Typical. 😞
  12. So procrastination over. By some miracle, I found my spot weld drill the other day. After struggling with the bumper, I ground off the paint and oiled up the welds. In the end I was able to get all the spot welds to come away. As you can see a lot of rust came out. That wasn't what worried me as much as this 1.5" hole near the bottom of the panel where I thought it would be solid. It was paper thin. This makes me wonder what the other side is like. 😞 Patina isn't looking so sexy anymore. The good news is, what I could see of the inner quarter panel actually looks alright. So hopefully I can just rust proof that and get on with putting on the new panel. Anyway, I'll be cutting the outer panel off along the bottom of the tape line tomorrow morning. I figured the neighbours would prefer I didn't fire my grinder up at 10:30 at night with their 3 and 5yo trying to sleep.
  13. Had huge week this week. Yesterday was a 14 hour day and I hardly got back out of bed... in fact I started the day working in bed and only got up to keep smashing through until it was done at 4pm this arvo (Aussie for afternoon) missing breaky and lunch. Then it was done and bleh... I was out of brain. So into the shed to turn the car around and have a quick mess around. The car hasn't started well for months or idled properly, so I had another go at the choke. I swapped a different choke module in and it worked straight up. I think I could have made the other spring work in retrospect. Instantly I back it up the driveway, a guy came running across the road and drooling over the car. Apparently he really likes 510s and RX2s. Wants to buy something 70s and RWD but his wife wants a bigger boat. LOL. Poor guy. It's running a bit better now and idling properly after a bit of fiddling. I think it could do with some new plugs. It's also dropping a bit of oil. No really sure where that is coming from. Looking forward to rego and daily driving. As mentioned in his 260z thread, I bought this having failed to follow the WWND (What would Noll do?) philosophy. I know. It's wrong. Not building my own repair panel. I've disappointed you @Noll and I'm sorry. @Lockleaf was right. Oh well, too late night. I've hussied myself out to repair panel suppliers and there's no turning back. I'll be showing too much leg on the wrong side of town... hang on. That got out of control way too fast. 😳 In truth I should probably be fixing it instead of writing this post. Scared of screwing it up and procrastinating. I've never attempted this level of panel repair before. But hey, what could go wrong? Right? 🥴
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