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  1. That's pretty much how I feel about most of the rust in mine.
  2. That's fantastic! Love the color too. Like a classy army vibe. 😎
  3. Very Excited, been mucking around with the loom and sensors. Then getting the base timing right on the first go today. Straight away the motor fired up using the ECU to run the ignition system. Amazingly, I set the gap in the 36-1 wheel 2 teeth before TDC. When I rolled the engine over on the timing light it was bang on 10deg btdc fixed timing like it should have been. I just need to mark the toothed wheel where it lines up with the mark on the pulley. I've left the dizzy and coil in position just in case there are issues. Not that I'm expecting any.
  4. I've been chipping away at the loom recently. I got it 95% done and in the car to start working on the various sensor hook ups. Today, I finally got the crank, coolant and air intake temp sensors all working. I had the crank sensor wired in backwards and it needed a resistor to get rid of background noise. But it's all working! I'm yet to get the base timing right, even though the coilpacks work. https://www.instagram.com/p/CT9AkCShAvL/?utm_medium=copy_link
  5. I've talked to a few locals and their setups they are all like this including a friend's rally car. I will test it out though and if there are problems I'll add some rubber flaps to the back of the shroud like OEM applications. The flaps are pushed open by oncoming air, but suck shut when the fan switches on. Just btw, some years ago, I looked into what sorts of airflow a radiator needed to work properly. To my shock, I was advised by an industry expert that they only needed 40% laminar airflow to work at the front. Most of the flow comes from vacuum created by the front of the car. So, even though the radiator looks blocked I'm confident this will work well for me like it has done for others. However, I'll be the first to put up my hand and confess if I've got it wrong. 🙂
  6. Day off today. In between weeding, walking, making pizza dough and hanging with my family (we're all still in lockdown) I got to work on the fan. I bought this 9" unit after measuring and procrastinating for a week. It just fits on the carb/exhaust side of my chinese ebay aluminium radiator. Materials are a little scarce atm but I put this old sign away when the church was throwing it out. It's 2mm steel, so overkill, but free... and I like the patina. 🙂 I wanted to fold the edges of the panel over to make some rigidity, but I don't have a panel break and I tried with some clamps and a steel bar. No cigar. So I ended up adding two strips of alloy channel (from my junk metal pile) and tying more of the fan into the panel. I am a pastor, so I had to laugh when I saw it finished and those words on the inside somewhat visible. I also found some rubber strip in my box of hoses and junk. Here it is installed... Of course, when I took these pics I realized the fan was on upside down, but all fixed now. I have just enough room to get belt in between the pulley and the fan. Squeezy! Just have to wire it into the ECU now.
  7. Waiting for some tape to come in so I can finish my loom. In the mean time, I'm trying to get little things done. So having removed the factory fan, I was able to finally install the crank sensor and 36-1 wheel. I still need to time the wheel but I need to get the loom finished before I can hook up the ECU to do that.
  8. I've gotta say, air bags seem pretty attractive to me too, if I wasn't such a tight wad.
  9. Yeah, I've been meaning to do the same.
  10. Interesting to hear. That's a proper price. 510s are big money over here atm. Wagons not so much. Which has always made me wonder about the difference between the US and Aust scenes. Almost no one over here hops up wagons, but they make a lot of sense if you want to go drag racing or similar... or you want the extra space. 😉
  11. So apparently 6yo, half slime RTV doesn't seal properly. And I also discovered the newer temperature sensor I had wasn't right for my stock temperature gauge, which I want to keep. So the thermostat housing came off again. A proper gasket and some new sealant. I also took the opportunity to measure the resistance of the efi coolant sensor for the ECU.
  12. So great to see the car so near driving! BTW, I'm not sure if this is an issue on Zs, but my dual SU linkage is very prone to hanging up at idle. Apparently they're famous for it.
  13. Yeah, I ended up sanding the head side of the housing. Hopefully that does the trick. My RTV sealant was kinda old too, so maybe that didn't help.
  14. I spent half the day working on the car today. Pulling the radiator and the thermostat housing. Cleaning out the fuel tank and putting the liner kit in it... The tank liner didn't work properly. 😞 Basically it seems like the weather was too cold (23degC) so the epoxy was too thick. That was after I waited for warm weather and followed the instructions to a T. I think I'm gonna just run E10 and hope for the best. After that, the thermostat housing leaked and I had to pull it off and try again. Hopefully it won't leak this time. However, I did get the fan removed and a thermo fan ordered. Coz buying parts is the same as doing things, right?
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