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I'm old, and not really clued-in to modern cars, such as my '81 2wd King Cab.  In the left-front of the engine-well there is a little bundle of four wires ending in a plastic connector that is not connected to anything but has a removeable cap over the end.  The Haynes manual refers to it as a "check-connector" (ref. pg. 227 and 237) but says nothing about it.  Is this a port to which the dealers' mechanics can plug in some sort of analyzer?

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Modern cars...😛


I suppose that's right. I consider a modern car to be anything daily driver worthy. There was a change in the late '60s where cars and trucks got more reliable and less funky. Better suspensions and brakes with power assisted brakes and steering and dual circuit master cylinders. Cars and trucks built before that time are too lazy to be safe on modern roads. Too little response in the steering and brakes can lead to some sticky situations while trying to keep up with traffic.

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Check connector....


One is ground

One is to the + coil terminal

One is to the idle cut solenoid

One is to the choke heater


Very rudimentary, doesn't tell you much for diagnosing any engine problem. Still on a Z24 there really isn't much to check, unlike EFI cars.

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