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Finding a weber 38/38 for z22 in 720

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My old carb just runs like a bag all the time I cant go full throttle without is being weird and lately if I let off I basically have a pop bang tune. Ive been looking for a weber redline kit but none are for sale on ebay anymore, does anyone here have one they want to sell or know of where to buy one? Thanks

I just want to have full potential of my engine there 

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Take carb off and remove the secondary jet. Probably a blockage in it. It's below the float chamber under the brass caps. Do primary as well but don't mix them up. Maybe get a carburetor jet screwdriver.





This is easier/cheaper than a Weber.


If getting a Weber contact Pierce Manifolds for a new kit... not someone else's old piece of shit problems. The Redline kit has everything you need to convert.  Looks like K662 38 for the Z22.




Geez what happened to the prices??? used to be under $300./

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I had this once and it was dist wearing out. the bushing was loose and giving my a woble.  Dont know if this is your proplem but just t let you know.


maybe just need to retime the motor and retune the carb. the mixture settings. this is cheap.

buying a new carb hold off untill you ck this first and maybe even the rocker arms getting tite. Its my bast guess, but cheaper.



oh by the way there is a water line choke (uses the hot water to open choke then the 38ES which is electric as most people get



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Good point Banzai. Check the valve lash 0.012" for intake and exhaust. Set on hot engine.


Just noticed 38/38???? I wouldn't run the outlaw. Get a 32/36 for a Z22. 38/38 is a V6 displacement carburetor even a small V8.

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Ya will clean up the carb and try to tune it better and check some other stuff. Could it be coils going bad even? because at full throttle it just breaks apart idek how to describe it. And ok 32/36 is the right one, I just thought it was more performance with the outlaw. All I have is a header on my 720. Ok well I have a plan but those factory carbs suck to tune or at least I don't know how. Would there happen to be a thread on here for tuning factory z22 carb. I also have all the emissions vacuum controls all ripped off so that might be a couple of my problems.

But thanks for the info guys

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That's the thing, the 38/38 runs best flat out.... but life is full of cold mornings and stop and go traffic. 


There's little to tune as the stock carburetor is ready to go as is. You can set the idle mixture but that doesn't affect running above idle.


Make sure the choke plate is fully open when warmed up.

Check the valve lash when engine is hot. Set all to 0.012". A tight valve can cause this.

Dirt in the primary and/or secondary jets. Too much air not enough gas will cause lack of power.

Check that your primary throttle plate is fully open when gas pedal is on the floor.

Check for spark on an intake and exhaust side plug. Pull wire, stick an old plug in the end, lay on grounded surface, turn engine with starter.. got spark? Both sides plugs should be firing.

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Here's a site I buy Weber parts from,way cheaper than Pierce.Why do you want a 38.I have a 32/36.Prices have went up.Mine was 299.00.The first Weber I bought was from North american Weber,the one in the picture with the black choke,they sold them with  the idle cut solenoid and I installed it on my Redline Weber,the one with the white choke and runs awesome,I have it tuned so good,the plugs burn so clean.I use the throttle linkage from the North American Weber,way better.I sold that Weber for 150 bucks on 720 World. https://www.carburetion.com/Products/ProductDetails.aspx?part=K662-38




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OK I will check some engine stuff out. I mean I do goon drive my truck almost all the time and anything would be better than how it runs now. I will do a carb job and see then check my valve lash just incase. My truck does have 370000km and I don't exactly treat it nice. Thanks for all the help again guys. When I get around to checking it out I will let you know. Still might get a weber one day though.

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