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  1. its an 81 or 82 and i definitely don't have a factory Nissan service manual. Are there any online places to buy one that actually covers the diesels?
  2. Hey all I have recently purchased a 720 with an sd22 and got it to crank over but not even a hint at firing. I have a hanes manual but they don't go over any diesel engine info. And some things just seem confusing such as the throttle cable is connected to a plate in the intake and the injection pump is hooked to some goofy looking thing down on the engine, does the throttle run off vacuum or something goofy? I had some good pressured fuel going to it and was trying to get it to bleed but my priming pump is stuck. The old girl has been sitting for a long time has normal rot like old brittle hoses and such and i will get good fuel in the tank and i have to find the right key too i got it to on but then was using a starter button so maybe that was stopping the fuel shutoff from opening? Does anyone have much insight on these engines and any tips to get them going without hopefully buying too many expensive parts.
  3. ok i was going to put the switch on the secondary linkage or something anyhow, will def need a wide band so I know what is going on and if I can just drill the secondary jet that would be minty
  4. Well I only need to richen the engine up a bit so I can install a small nitrous dry shot because I really want to put NOS on something.
  5. was looking around and wondering if you guys put different carbs on z engines much or if you just run stock carbs, Im not looking for crazy power gains just get rid of the dumb emissions that are actually causing me troubles and allow me to change jetting and stuff but still have a good functioning choke so I can daily the thing easily.
  6. ya after looking underneath my truck one day I realized all that stuff was in the way lol
  7. ok so with the whole modifying the oil pan thing, is it ever possible to just modify the cross member, like reverse c notch kind of thing or does the sump fall directly on the cross member
  8. have any of you guys swapped a car Ka with the car manual behind it into a truck? If you did does it line up at all and how much do you have to change the driveshaft? And how much different are the ratios from a truck box?
  9. Im just looking around on the internet so see what there is for wheels for my truck and since its a truck pattern I basically will have to run truck wheels. I was just wondering how big and wide of rims and tires have you guys put on 720s of this era? And I am also wondering about the centerbore I measured it but it doesn't seem to match up with any other bores and idk if I would need those little plastic hubcentric rings and stuff or what? 'Any help is much appreciated.
  10. Ya thats what I was wondering. will investigate tonight
  11. Well it might have something to do with the fact that I can't get the console in as far as I think it should be. But does the connector in the truck have more length to it? Like does it have wires folded back into the harness? I haven't actually took a good look just plugged it in from what I could see
  12. I actually found the harness for the center console hiding in my 2wd up above the heater ducting. It all works except for the oil sending of course. But it is also too far away for how I have to mount the center console in my truck. So I will have to splice all the wires on the harness. But it's sweet that I don't need to need with gauge lighting and the volt meter works great. Who knows maybe I will put something other than a oil pressure gauge in it.
  13. Grabbed that wiring. Gonna make wiring it much easier. And grabbed some other stuff.
  14. ok tha'ts sweet, I can easily go to that 85 4x4 as it is basically in my back yard. I can prob try to get that sender from that truck too and hope it works. I was wondering about how I would be able wire them in because I didn't want to cut the plugs off and stuff.
  15. I have the center console thing from an 85 4wd 720 and want to put it in my 81 720. I would use the gauges there if I could. Volt should be simple, battery ground and backlight? But idk what all the wires on the oil pressure are and where I would have to run the wires from. Any info?
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