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210 brake calipers


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Having just purchased a 1979 210 wagon, I wanted to replace everything to do with the brakes.  I found a right side caliper but I can not find a left side anywhere.  Even places that said they had them didn't.  Are there any brands (if I can find a left side) I should stay away from.  Would 310 brakes work?  Everyone has plenty of those.  Thanks in advance.  Rich

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No way of knowing if the mounting bolt pattern matches or if when mounted the caliper is centered on the rotor. Caliper and pads are different part number also.


The '75 610, '76 B-210 and the '77-'79 S10 200sx all used the same caliper.

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Last resort, send your calipers out for rebuilding!  You might have a rebuilder local, otherwise there are places like Apple Hydraulics etc that offer rebuilding.

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Your calipers are cast iron blocks with steel cups as pistons and a couple rubber parts to hold the fluids.

They really just don't go bad in most cases, and if they do it's mostly failed rubber and perhaps a rusted piston, so you could buy a second right-side caliper and steal the piston and seals to rebuild your existing left.

Of course, you can likely find a rebuild kit with those parts and it would be cheaper than buying a whole caliper.

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I've rebuilt the 4 piston calpers found on the early '80s Toyota 4x4. The trick was finding non rusty ones. The pistons were chrome coated at least. The kits were only $25 a side, just take your time and cleanliness is the order of the day. Looks complicated maybe but very easy. They worked flawlessly on my 620 SAS.

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