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  1. pdp8

    1200 Buyers Guide

    Congratulations! They really are fun little cars. It's way easier in your part of the world, lots of reproduction parts available.
  2. I don't, but I have found that I can buy one off ABE or a popular online auction site for around $20. I've found it well worth it for the lovely schematics that fold out to a usable size and with the paper book your screen never times-out. 🙂 OK, just over $20 at present. Totally worth it though. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1979-Datsun-Model-210-Series-Service-Shop-Repair-Manual-Model-B310-Series/332506628759?hash=item4d6af08297:g:IGUAAOSwWLBaPWWt https://www.ebay.com/itm/1980-Datsun-210-Factory-Service-Manual/303552010000?hash=item46ad1c1710:g:uVgAAOSwqNdepraw
  3. I did pillage a 4-door for various bits and it all fit but I guess it may be that I grabbed only the roll-up glass from the back door and had that fit, good to know.
  4. The 4-door and the wagon have the same doors and glass.
  5. Differential out of a 210, works fine but leaking some oil. I'd love to replace it but I'm concerned about affecting the crush-sleeve in the differential as well as the force to re-torque the pinion nut. Is this a concern or should I not worry? I can apply the force to the nuteasily enough, but what is the approved way to prevent both wheels from turning?
  6. I used to commute up and down eighteen miles of a road on a mountain that was originally built for horses, so somewhat even grade but with some hundreds of turns. I drove it pretty hard with a somewhat modded engine but pretty stock suspension apart from lowering things a bit and changing to wider tires. I found the rear brakes and axle very capable of doing what needed to be done but the front suspension was what couldn't keep up. The light weight of that car is your biggest asset, it means you can change direction without your inertia pulling you all over the place. Every ounce you add to the car you are giving up that best asset so I'd suggest you concentrate on things that really are worth it. If you really feel you must have disc brakes in the back, check over on the 1200 forum since it's very nearly the same axle and Doug has been working hard on a bolt-on kit to run disc brakes on the 1200 so it might need little or no modification to work with the 210. I think he said it was going to cost him about 5lbs per side, which is a lot for these cars but might be lighter than the alternatives.
  7. pdp8

    1200 Buyers Guide

    check also for rust in the rocker panels below the back of the front door and behind the license plate. The 5-speed is a huge plus but be aware that changing from an automatic to manual is a big job because the transmission tunnel is rather different. Hoods get beat up, opened too far and it bends the support structure in ways that are hard to fix. The cowl vent scoops are usually cooked and broken but reproductions are available. The dash pad is usually toast and there are no replacements to be had. The seals are easy to get, might cost you $1200 or so for a full set though. The running gear is all indestructible for it's intended use and wear items (seals, bearings,hoses,etc.) are all easily had.
  8. pdp8

    Ignition switch gremlin

    You don't need an ignition lock assembly, but indeed for under $20 you might as well throw a new switch assembly on the back and see if this fixes things.
  9. Where did you get the door card backing material? Mine are disintegrating badly.
  10. This is in the bay area and the guy was going to do a swap, but he gave up and is going with a 2.xL something, so is selling the motor. Are they magic in some way or just cool because they are fairly obscure?
  11. In the past ~3 months: A12 to A14 swap. Auto to manual swap. Alternator swap. Worley radiator. Changed to slot-mags, 12" in front, 13" in back. running some used 155/80s in front and new 175/70s in back. New carpet, new back quarter window seals, B210 seats installed and reupholstered. New locks in doors, ignition and trunk. Factory(ish) radio install. Straighten and paint driver door. Some other stuff. Every time I turn around I'm getting another box of parts and tearing apart some chunk of the car.
  12. pdp8

    Carpet options

    I went with stockinteriors because it was three pieces up front and I've made a custom transmission tunnel to give some foot-space as part of my automatic to manual swap. It's fine but short of amazing. My car has fixing studs to attach carpet or whatever to and the carpet isn't set up for that. It was a drop-in fit and made the interior so much nicer I had to have the seats done. 🙂
  13. pdp8

    Rear disk brakes

    Having driven my 1200 for a little bit now I have the following observations: The car is SO light in the back, fancy brakes in back are pretty pointless and would just be cosmetic unless you plan to carry a couple large adults in the back seat or a box of bricks in the trunk. A bigger engine could actually make this worse. Of course you need a different differential than the factory one, but just the pumpkin swap gives you a much stouter setup. The light weight of the car is a huge part of it's charm, adding a heavy motor is going to detract from that and negatively affect the suspension. Consider a turbo, minimal weight and it will get you a pretty fast car with a minimum of fuss. I did an A14 swap since I had one sitting around and I'm planning to do the turbo thing when I get a minute, but even just going from the A12 w/slushbox to A14 w/5-speed is such a huge step I haven't gotten tired of the car in its present trim yet.
  14. pdp8

    WTB 200SX wheels

    Time Left: 9 days and 4 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Looking for the 13" 200SX wheels from 1978-9. Price negotiable based on number and condition obviously.


    SANTA CRUZ, California - US

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