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  1. Time Left: 29 days and 6 hours

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    I bought this wagon to combine with my trusty '79 so all the facelift parts are available. This amounts to the front clip: Hood which is very nice ($120), cowl panel ($22)also nice. Passenger fender ($80), generally very good, no rust on anything. Driver fender ($25), no rust but pretty wrinkled near the marker light / bumper area. Headlight bezels with markers ($50), passenger side is solid, driver side missing a chunk on the bottom. Valance under bumper supports($10), no rust but wrinkled Or $200 for the lot. All prices are me pulling the part and you picking it up. Pickup can be Santa Cruz, CA, Fresno, CA, or somewhere in-between. The drivetrain and body are spoken for but if you need a door, some glass , or something perhaps we can work it out.


    Santa Cruz, California - US

  2. PMd about a set I just pulled off.
  3. pdp8

    Celica Supra Wheels?

    I'd just go with factory 13" and leave the winter tires on them, just swap wheels in spring and fall. There are plenty of 155/80r13 snow tires out there still and I'd be shocked if they didn't fit nicely with the 13" factory wheels, it's only an extra .5" in radius after all. 175/70r13s should clear OK as well but for snow/ice you might want the skinny tires to get the ground pressure up a bit.
  4. Time to update the ad now that the wagon is sold. It flat-towed just fine BTW.
  5. Here's an unusual car up in WA, not quite sure what it is. 1979 is the build year, F10? Nothing I need but noticed it in the back corner of the interwebs so thought I'd pass it on. https://www.copart.com/lot/46292969
  6. It also looks just like the Bendex pumps found in older small aircraft and small British tanks, the ones I own work well and are nicely cleanable.
  7. pdp8

    B210 Windshield

    It's a looong drive, but the PNP in Modesto has one.
  8. In refurbishing some 12" factory wheels, I was pretty impressed at how not-round they were. A fairly typical example had 1/8" of wobble, .040" of runout, and needed .5oz on the bare wheel to balance. The steel on these is pretty thin and the older tire machines weren't very kind to these little wheels, just something to check when you mount new tires. I've personally bent a couple 13" wheels with a manual setup before I got an over-arm machine. Some of the fancy shops will look at the wheel or at least the completed assembly and let you know if it's not round but for most shops, if they can get it to balance they just call it good. I've had good luck with a hydraulic press and some blocks to straighten wheels in the past so I think I'll give one a shot and see how close I come.
  9. From the Snap-on catalog, special wrenches S6013 and S6130. Special tools for removing carburettors on 4-cylinder Datsun engines. The 6013 is the earlier version for 12mm nuts and the 6130 is for the 10mm nuts. So, you guys arguing about the size were both right. https://www.collectingsnapon.com/catalogs/catalogs.php?loggedin=0&catalogPage=5455 https://www.collectingsnapon.com/catalogs/catalogs.php?loggedin=0&catalogPage=3150
  10. That's an awful lot of chips on the floor right there. I just finished making a 65Lb block of 6061 into a 20Lb block that later becomes a 12Lb finished product and it's an expensive endeavor. What about a lost-wax casting and just NC the wax? For bonus points, 3D print or NC a mold for the wax so you can make many of them pretty cheaply.
  11. pdp8

    12" tire options?

    The 12" wheels are just so darn light and the 1200 suspension so marginal, it's hard to give up on them. I did find some Vitour 175/70R12 and though I never herd of the brand I picked one up just to see how it looked on the wheel and car. The wheel is under 11Lbs but the tire is a hefty 15.3 lbs. The stock 13" wheels are 15Lbs and while there are some 12lb 155/80r13s out there, the 175/70r13s I've weighed all come in ate 15-17lbs
  12. It's been a while since the OP's last update but just in case: I happen to have a space in Fresno and while I have more projects than time, I'm willing to have a look in the spirit of Datsun solidarity.
  13. The They have pretty much given up on visual inspections around here, the young mechanics don't know what they are looking at! I'm wary at that price, hence the post, but I'm also aware that sometimes being cheap doesn't mean it's junk. Case in point is all the love out there for the Harbor Freight HVLP guns. Still, fair point, I can just keep rebuilding originals. Thing is, I've had some originals that even if I blow out every passage I can and otherwise rebuild carefully they don't run right.
  14. I did a little sanding to see what might be under the really heavy layer of oxidation on the respray. I started at #1000, then when that didn't get me there switched to #600, got impatient there too and went to #500 until I got very bored. I know it's going the opposite direction I should be going but best case I render the car decent looking until I have time to do a respray, worst case I cut through the tired respray and have a better base for my new paint. Oh, before that I finally drove the car. A quick trip around the block and then 150 miles! In retrospect it would have been prudent to do a couple more shake-down trips as the cooling system was full of crusty crud and the differential turns out to be on it's way out, but the car made it, so now I can do little bits daily rather than having it in another county and only seeing it every couple weeks. I've been trying to make the car more positive, everything about it was vague and non-committal. Brakes, steering, gearshift, it all barely worked. Tighten the steering box, bleed and adjust the brakes, and today replaced a bushing in the shifter (8mm ID, 14mm OD in case anyone has lost their A/T shift bushing).
  15. I bought one of these for my brown-interior car and while the color wasn't a perfect match, it did really help out the interior overall. I was wondering if anybody bought one in the blue spectrum and if so which color blue did you use and how did/do you like it. thanks, https://www.ebay.com/itm/1979-82-Nissan-Datsun-210-Passenger-Area-Cut-pile-Carpet/323466172737?hash=item4b50161941:m:mTLQgmEnN7mqNRnkJ2M9W4Q
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