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1964-1965 L320 worth?

Rusty Dawg

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I found this truck for sale nearby and I was thinking about picking this up if it had parts that I might be able to use in my 1961 PLG222.  He seems to be asking crazy money for its condition, but maybe he'll find someone that can't live without it.  One part that I thought I might be able to use would be the rear end, but once again I am not sure that some parts are interchangeable between these 2 trucks.


Any idea whether I could use some of the parts from this L320 and if so, what is this truck worth in today's market?  Now that we have cooler weather and my work has slowed, I hope to get back to working on my truck.


Been a while since I posted, so hopefully the photos will post correctly.











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I think the parts interchangeability between the 320 and the 222 is next to nothing. Parts might work (like the rear axle), but about zero parts will bolt on.


That truck looks pretty rusty for one sitting in the central valley. I would offer him $750.


Guys who think their stuff is worth tons and then don't even lift a finger to present the vehicle, just flat out piss me off. It may be worth more if the owner too some time to at least clean out all the debris and see if the motor spins, if the electrical holds its smoke...stuff like that.


What does the guy want for it? He probably thinks it's an NL and heard the rumor that Datsun only imported 1000 of them.

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Well, at this time most of my needs are cosmetic.  I will finally be disassembling the rear brakes to replace the pads along with any other worn parts.  Hopefully the rear end is in working order.  I will then move to get the engine running and then on to the trans.  If all goes well, I will not need much at all.  Just thought if I could pick it up at reasonable price, it would be nice to have some back up parts, but I am obviously not well versed on interchangeable parts between different models/years.


I'm probably just putting the cart ahead of the horse, but given how tough it is to find parts for my ride I was just thinking that this truck might help me down the road.(pun intended)

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22 hours ago, Rusty Dawg said:

He's asking $5K for this beaut.  I was thinking $800 - $1,000, but since most parts will not work on my truck, I think I'll just pass.  No need to piss off my wife even more by picking up another rusty project😀


Thanks for your insight.

And no need to insult the guy while trying to educate him about the value. If you pissed him off, he may never sell it and let it rot out of spite.

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Well you nailed it Stoffregen.  I went to see the truck in person and when I asked the owner how he came up with a $5K price tag, the owner told me that only 200 of these are in existence out of the 1,000 imported.  So I showed him the placard with the model number and mentioned that he should look up information about an L320 vs. an NL320.  He seemed puzzled.

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