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Remember to keep up on your battery. PSA


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On my way to work today, I pulled in to get gas. Truck wouldn't start. Was able to get her going with a push start, and then it ran just fine. Even started starting again. On my lunch, went to O'reillies. Battery is shot. It's 7 or 8 years old. And you are supposed to change them every 5 years. This is just a friendly reminder to have a think of how old your battery is. I could have easily been stranded for something I should have changed a while back.

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18 hours ago, john510 said:

If you got 7 or 8 years out of a battery you got a good one.Most don't seem to even go 5 years anymore.

I know right? And this battery had periods of sitting too, which is horrible for them. But it's something that people don't often think about when driving. This stuff that wears out, gotta keep up on it.

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