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Hi all in Datsun world.

Just joined and wanted to share my story with you.

In 1992 my father bought a Datsun 620 from a local car yard. It was to get his winter wood.


The little Datsun was used to carry 12 tonne of fire wood each summer until 2005.

At this time my father gave up driving due to ill health. My father passed away in November 2018 in hospital.

The 620 sat in the garage for 14 years unregistered and uncared for.

In July 2019 I decided that it was my mission to restore the 620 as a kind of tribute to my amazing Dad. I started looking for and buying parts.

I have made so good progress up until now, using this forum for handy hints and tips.

Thanks for letting me share



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Looks nice. Australia trucks usually have a flat bed and not the box.

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A tray...

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It looks good, is that an old photo or was it taken after you repaired all the rust and painted it?

Having a stock box over there in Australia was rare on early trucks, not sure when things changed.

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Looks like wing windows as well, were they common on 620's there?

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This photo is of the 620 when he first bought it back is 1992.

The car yard just filled all the dents and gave it 3 or four coats of white enamel to make it presentable.

The resto isn't complete just yet. Doesn't look anything like that now.



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