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  1. Pridey71

    DIY Tray liner

    Hey there. This product when fully cured is rock hard. No real give at all. The literature says it is impact and scratch resistant. I'm happy with that because my 620 is being used as a truck, not a show pony. So far not hint of damage after 4 weeks.
  2. Pridey71

    DIY Tray liner

    Hi all. Found a DIY tray liner kit at an Auto parts supply shop locally and decided to give it a go. Cost $118 AUD. Took about 1 hour total to apply. You can spray it on or brush it on. The kit comes with a paint brush and textured roller. I brushed it on and used the textured rolled as I don't have access to the special spray gun needed. Two part product mixed in 50/50 amounts. Once mixed you have about 25-30 minutes to work it. Seemed to work ok. The stuff is hard as a rock when fully set. Needed about 5 days without getting wet to harden fully.
  3. Well all the hard work has paid off. Got the Datsun registered with no problems. The 620 passed inspection easily with nothing needing attention and nothing stopping registration. The little Ute is getting used almost daily. I really love driving it. Not the fastest vehicle on the road but does everything I need it to do.
  4. Hi all, So I had an issue with the brake and clutch master cylinders loosing fluid (leaking). Thought maybe a pin hole in the clutch line and also a brake line but seemed unlikely for both masters at the same time. After some investigation I found they were leaking through the back into the cab of the vehicle down the fire wall. I found some replacements on Aussie E-bay from an Aussie company named Protex. Both masters cost me $200AUD including postage. Fitted up perfectly and bled easily after bench bleeding. Now no leaks and the brake pedal feels spot on. Clutch also
  5. Just added mudflaps and drivers mirror. Mirror is a bullet style but had to fab up a new stem as the original was too short and didn't set the mirror head at the right height. Used 2 pieces of scrap steel and shaped and welded them into a workable stem. Can't Chrome plate it so just sprayed it silver. I believe the mudflaps are the originals fitted in 1976.
  6. Just putting some finishing touches to the ute. Refurbed the guard/fender badges and grille badge. Cut back the tray paint with 800 grit wet and dry, then went over with 1500 and finished with 2000. Really like the smooth finish without orange peel. Also I'm not the best painted so I figured that flattening the paint would hide my lack of skill with a spray gun.
  7. Hi all, Couldn't find a post about this but maybe I missed something. Just wondering what everyone has been doing with regards to replacement door cards and trims. I made some new door cards out of 3mm ply board, clear coated them with a spray pack both sides, for moisture protection. One of my work colleges helped make the trims out of black vinyl and 6 mm cerex foam and some industrial cotton thread. The thread follows the original pressed pattern. Luckily he borrowed his fathers industrial sewing machine whilst doing his Combi interior. The materials l
  8. Sorry for my slackness guys but an update on the 620. All paintwork completed and nearly ready for rego. Just need to sort out some dodgy headlight wiring and get the engine running properly.
  9. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm pretty please with the results so far. Really only need to fix up the tray now. This is now 5 months along. I chose orange because it was my Dads favourite colour. All work done in my garage. Anything I couldn't buy I made by hand. like scuff plates.
  10. Just some more photos of the project as it has progressed
  11. This photo is of the 620 when he first bought it back is 1992. The car yard just filled all the dents and gave it 3 or four coats of white enamel to make it presentable. The resto isn't complete just yet. Doesn't look anything like that now.
  12. Started in August last year. I got mostly aftermarket parts like guards, door skins and a bonnet. Rust had gotten pretty bad. Roof, sill panels and all bolt ons needed replacing.
  13. Hi all in Datsun world. Just joined and wanted to share my story with you. In 1992 my father bought a Datsun 620 from a local car yard. It was to get his winter wood. The little Datsun was used to carry 12 tonne of fire wood each summer until 2005. At this time my father gave up driving due to ill health. My father passed away in November 2018 in hospital. The 620 sat in the garage for 14 years unregistered and uncared for. In July 2019 I decided that it was my mission to restore the 620 as a kind of tribute to my amazing Dad. I started looking for and buying
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