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Differential Removal


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Unbolt driveshaft, unbolt both half shafts and pull them out the sides, you already got the four bolts at the front of the diff that hold it to the crossmember.


After that it is just the rear of the diff that is bolted in. I've pulled the R200 out of a couple different Z-cars but not a 510.

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as Bleach said

But I got the Mustache bar out of the way also . make sure the spacer are out that go inbetween the diff and the cross member ,they are like a U shaped washes that one slides in there.

I tink I had to turn the diff 90 deg at a certain point but really its EZ in a 510. I think I did one in 2 hrs

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Also in a 510 it helps to not have the jack stands on the crossmember.  If you get some chunks of 2x4 and put the stands on the lip of the rear floor or somewhere sold this will allow you to tip the crossmember which helps.  

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Like hainz said, On the 510's, there are U-shims around the bolts. They are often hammered in and sandwich the diff in there. My stock diff took some serious muscle-work to get out. My problem was that it hadn't been removed in 25 years. Next time, if it still doesnt want to budge, use a shorty screwdriver and mallet to knock the shims loose. That'll give you the wiggle room needed. Don't lose those shims. I had to remanufacture my own because i lost one along the way 😤


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