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Weird no-start condition


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I have a 1978 620 and it has this weird crank-no start problem at times. I know its getting fuel because I can smell it at the carburetor. The coil, cap, rotor, wires and plugs seem to be OK because it'll start up and run. If it doesn't start, I've realized that if I remove the cap and rotor and spray electrical cleaner around the ignition pickup inside the distributor and put everything back together, it starts up and runs just fine, although I've also noticed that it possibly has a bit of a misfire. Could the ignition pickup be going bad? I'm stumped.

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maybe the elelctrical cleaner is acting as a coolant.


Does it start up early in the morning when you haven't run it. Or does it Not start after warm and then you use the cleaner.


reseat your elelctrical connections first. Including the back of the key switch, then coil

cl the cap to make sure the center carbon center thing is still there and look at the rotor andmaybe sliglty sand paper it but highly dought that is it.


I think 78 had a remote box inside the cab and a 79 had the matchbox unit on the distributor.

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I'll get it running, and it runs and drives with no problems, but the morning after it sits all night it doesn't start. I looked at the carbon contact in the center of the distributor and it was a little pitted, so I sanded it down a little as well as the contact point on the rotor. I also cleaned the plug going to the transistor unit inside the cab.

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Spraying seems to help so replace the distributor cap and the rotor. If you haven't changed the wires, might be a good time to get rid of the old ones now too. Try to find a cap that has copper terminals inside. Find NGK plug wires. Spend the money now. It's cheaper than being stranded.


To help with the start check and set the valve lash and the timing. This should get you through the winter without any problems.

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