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these rims


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They will fit. Maybe you mean they don't look right? I agree there sometimes. Going up two rim sizes is about the limit for looks on a car designed for a 13" wheel well. There are lots of 15" tires that have the same diameter as the stock B-210 so the performance and speedometer are not affected.


I think those are called 'Snowflakes'. At least $25 a piece.


Just so you know.... discussion on price or esthetics or what ever is fine but if this becomes an auction this post will be closed and removed. Once you get an idea on your price place a for sale ad here... https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/7-miscellaneous-datsun-items/  ... the CLASSIFIEDS have a handy link at the top of every page below the RATSUN.NET logo

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i dont like mesh wheels for the same reason i dont l like the snow flakes, too busy. my car has had its windows smashed on 2 separate occasions for no reason other than petty vandalism, im trying to avoid anything that makes it stand out, if that makes sense.  ideally i want to find some beat up libres or watanabe rims, something ill like to look at, but morons wont notice.

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Do some looking to try and confirm the stock application of the "ugly" rims.   Stuff tends to sell better when you list original application. You never know who loves one and wants stock parts.


I want to say those are 80s Toyota.  Possibly Previa?  Not sure though.


If you were closer, you'd have a PM about those snowflakes.  I love those rims.  But alas Texas is too far to pay for shipping.


You could start the snowflake set at $150 if the only damage is cosmetic.


Unsure about the uglies.

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