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Ignition coil mounting?

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14 minutes ago, distributorguy said:

That's an orange label coil.  Not a reed coil made in Germany.  Where is it made?  China?  Mexico?


Read through this thread and scroll down to find a legit photo of the Bosch Red made in Germany.  







I see what you mean with the all red canister... the one I bought says it's a red coil and was made in Brazil  like the blue ones....

Should still be better than accel or pertronix....

And I did get non resistor plugs,  and a low ohm wire set coming....

My wires were all around 7000 ohms..

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Just found this... If your looking for those real red coils...



Now the debate, do I buy this one or just keep the one I bought? 

I know you like the old German ones and the new style is still a bosch red coil but now made in Brazil....

Kind of wish I wasnt so quick to buy things sometimes....

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Well I said fuck it, not even gonna mess around with the Brazil coil, gonna return that one... i went ahead bought the red German made coil... some reviews I found confirmed what distributorguy was saying about the German one, and that the quality from Brazil was questionable.... 

Thanks for the help...

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