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Ignition coil mounting?

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14 minutes ago, distributorguy said:

That's an orange label coil.  Not a reed coil made in Germany.  Where is it made?  China?  Mexico?


Read through this thread and scroll down to find a legit photo of the Bosch Red made in Germany.  







I see what you mean with the all red canister... the one I bought says it's a red coil and was made in Brazil  like the blue ones....

Should still be better than accel or pertronix....

And I did get non resistor plugs,  and a low ohm wire set coming....

My wires were all around 7000 ohms..

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Just found this... If your looking for those real red coils...



Now the debate, do I buy this one or just keep the one I bought? 

I know you like the old German ones and the new style is still a bosch red coil but now made in Brazil....

Kind of wish I wasnt so quick to buy things sometimes....

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Well I said fuck it, not even gonna mess around with the Brazil coil, gonna return that one... i went ahead bought the red German made coil... some reviews I found confirmed what distributorguy was saying about the German one, and that the quality from Brazil was questionable.... 

Thanks for the help...

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Funny thread, if not what you intended, Crash. Usually a contrarian, I'll disagree with some of what has been said.  

One thing about the factory is that they run the new car around a test course with a bunch of temperature probes under the hood to find the actual hotter and cooler areas, which are often not where you'd guess they are.  They don't mount coils in hot areas.  OTOH, if a guy does mods on his engine (different carb and air cleaner, for instance) that divert the under-hood airflow from what the factory had, he is on his own.  

The Nissan engineers don't know about your aftermarket coil.  I say mount that coil the way its manufacturer tells you.

There's a lot of sentiment on car websites that the factory engineers always know best.  First, I don't see how anyone who has ever owned a car can say this.  Every car I've ever owned (a bunch) has had its good points and bad points, its weak links that could have been done better, some of which are such common problems as to become notorious even among later fans of the marque.

The blame for these weak points of any car can fall to the engineers, but might also have to do with the constraints under which the engineers must work, and this is a factor that is never mentioned by those with a knee-jerk, "trust the factory engineers" attitude.  The basic problem is that any car has to be built to a particular selling price, and the bean-counters ultimately rule.  This is to the good;  nobody could afford to buy a car if the engineers were free to build what they want to build.  Instead, they have to build "good enough," while meeting cost targets. Therefore, when YOU get the car, you can apply your own parts, do your own improving, in what might be thought of as an effort to build what the factory engineers would have built if they had had a free hand, with costs secondary.

Well, you HOPE you are improving.  Specifically with this coil, first consider that by the experiences of people on this thread, the factory unit has proven very reliable.  Second, most aftermarket coils are for street performance or racing, and while by design they do work better at higher rpm ranges than stock coils, they are NOT AS GOOD for daily driving rpm ranges as stock coils that were designed for that.  This is a common situation with aftermarket components of all sorts.  This is not to say that you can't improve on the factory's built-to-a-price parts, but you can easily do worse.

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