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ka24e 521,d21 or 240sx exhuast?


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I used 240sx mani. I think there are differences between s13 and s14. I chose the s13 as I think its longer. The e brake bellcrank is definitely a problem. I cut mine out and converted to a 510 cable for the ebrake. I really wanted to keep the umbrella handle ebrake. Because I like doing things the hard way, I also wanted to keep the twin downpipes. This also posed a problem with the torsion bar. I ended up modifying the downpipe(s) with a bunch of pie cuts to get it to curl around the torsion bar and also to end up with optimal ground clearance. 

Most of the ones I've seen use a single downpipe off the stock manifold, which would def be easier

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There were KAs in trucks that had torsion bars too. I imagine a truck KA down pipe would be better that a car down pipe... if used in another truck.


Then there were two KAs the E and the DE with very different exhaust manifolds.

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The 240sx pipe had to clear the steering box but not torsion bars. The Hardbody one had to clear torsion bars but not the box. Just put in place before tacking the flange on. Then the pipe can have a slight kink but won't be noticed. The L16 exhaust manifold holes are 1.5". The KA are larger diameter. On the L16 down pipe the pipes extend past the flange and up into the manifold for a better seal.  I necked my KA piped down and left them extending 3/8" so they would fit up into the L16 manifold. Haven't had one lick of problems with it and has several thousand miles on it now.


From exhaust valve to the single collector pipe is well over 30". I know it's better than the 4 into 1 L20B exhaust manifold, and I added a larger diameter muffler and down elbow.... but can you actually feel anything different? Not one noticeable thing. This tells me the stock exhaust is good enough.

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