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1977 200SX (S10) long-term project update: Weber added, smog equipment removed

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At the beginning of this year, my wife and I relocated from LA/OC to SF/East Bay, and fortunately were able to find a place with more (and attached!) garage space, so we loaded up the ol' Silvia and brought it up:




I recently replaced my water pump, so while I was in there with the radiator out--I couldn't pass up having all that extra space to work--I decided now's as good a time as any to buy a Weber 32/36 DGEV carb and ditch my stock one.  Which led to my remembering that the car has stuff for a/c just sitting there getting a free ride without giving anything in return, so that was taken out too.  And since the smog pump had seized years ago before I bought the car, that was yanked too, along with the a/c compressor/smog pump's shared ~15 lb mounting bracket.


While researching the smog-delete process I saw that most of the threads included a comment from datsunmike advising against pulling all the smog equipment out, but when all was said and done, I removed 85 lbs worth of smog and a/c trash (which is sitting in a heap in my garage, if anyone wants anything).  I think that'll be worth the potential vacuum leak hunt that I'm left with.  Speaking of which, does anyone know what the chew toy squeak is in this video that seems to make my engine stall?





Stock rat's nest of needless vacuum lines:





Weber relative simplicity:





Once I get it back on the road I'll keep working to clean and declutter it as much as I can.  If there are any other pics/videos that would help to diagnose the stalling, please let me know what to include.  Thanks for any advice!


(Sorry for the links instead of photos... I'll update once I load pictures onto a usable image hosting site.)

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Time to get rid of Photobucket for good. I can't see your pictures so most other can't either. I suggest using Imageshack or imgut or any one of many other good photo hosting sites so we can see them.



I advise against removing smog equipment for the wrong reason. At the least it's a federal offense to remove or tamper with it


There are several reasons given for removal...


1/ some people are convinced that the smog equipment is actually holding the performance back and there is an untapped reserve of extra power hidden there.


2/ some people don't understand what it does and you always fear what you don't understand, so when there's a problem it's easier to just rip it out rather than fix.


3/ some people think the engine looks 'cleaner' without it. (probably the most common reason, and hard to disagree with)


As for smog equipment, if you are not tested there's no real problem removing it. You're in California so, are you not required to smog test every year or two years? Better hang onto the smog equipment so you can put it back on later. It will not pass a visual without it. Can't sell it either, or the new buyer won't want a car he can't smog.



Most start removing it without regard for how the systems actually work, fuck something up and then ask how to fix. There are no noticeable gains from removal. Some smog items improve mileage/save gas, extend oil change intervals and make your engine run better and last longer. I kept those when I removed some of my 'crap'.

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Wait till wayno reads this. :lol:


Over ten years age they were a pain in the ass. But a reasonable pain. Then they started changing things around and it became harder to navigate around their site. It was agonizingly slow to access you account and pictures when loading took forever to load or not at all. The last straw was denying 3rd party viewing unless you pay $399 a year. I told them to shove it.

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