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Rat Rod header flange

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So I may be starting a Rat Rod project in the near future.  One of the things on which I need to decide is what engine.  I'm going to build zoomie headers for it and need a flange as a staring point.  Here's how y'all can help (or hamper as you might prefer to see it).  Does anyone have a crappy header for an A-series four, or L-series SIX cylinder that they would sell... cheap.  Or, to make shipping cheaper, an header they were willing to chop the flange from... and sell cheap.


Just to head off the questions in advance: I have the intake manifolds I'd use on one or the other of those engine families so those are the engines I want.

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I'm really pleased with how it came out. I had to open up the 1.5" holes slightly in the Mklotz flange and slit the pipes and clamp this closed to 1.5" and weld the seam to get the 240sx tubes into the manifold for a leak-less fit. Then used a gear clamp to squeeze the two pipes together together to tack in place. One and 4 and 2 and 3 are separate for 32-36" from the valves. Almost like a long tube header. On and off a half dozen times to test fit and then X fingers and get out the wire feed wrench. Had to make my own flange gasket.
The local wrecking yard had a truck full of thrown away  muffler shop parts. This was  a never used 240sx down pipe or possibly from a D21 truck but from a KA engine. Likely they are pretty much the same anyway and clear the steering box and the transmission but I don't know how well it will clear any torsion bars.
Here's what it looked like when I got it...
Had to heat the exhaust to get the old studs out and replace with stainless...

The KA and the L series use similar dimension transmissions so the KA exhaust should fit just about any L powered Datsun with an L16 cast iron exhaust manifold. Never cared for the two into one down pipes... very poor restrictive joint (like terrible) and welding except maybe the stock ones.


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Just got this e-mail.....

L4 flanges are available !!


Hi Gordon.
Judy Stahl forwarded me your email. StahlHeaders is now closed and Advanced Composite Products (ACP) is now producing Stahl Headers. The Datsun 510 flange is available in a 1-1/2"  1-5/8" port only. Please note the center ports are larger to accommodate a double wall tube (how we used to build them in the past). The price is $67.70 ea.
Greg Stump
Manager/Lead Designer
ACP Headers
717-232-2800 Phone
717-232-5417 Fax
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