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  1. And after I typed that, I began thinking about the snorkel thingy I bought but we decided against using because we lacked an inline air filter. Yes, you guessed it. I bought an inline air filter from Chi-na off of Amazon. Should be here tomorrow. We'll revisit the snorkel on Wednesday. Stay tuned... or don't. I ain't your momma.
  2. LOL, I just spent eight hours at the shop today and totally forgot to go grok this. Sorry dude. I'm a self centered jerk someti... ok, always.
  3. I got a "Toot! Toot! Thumbs up." on the freeway today! Thank you Mr. Black General Motors Pickup. I appreciate the acknowledgment.🤩
  4. I got quite a lot done today. Of course, I'm incapable of posting pictures so you'll have to go to my Instant Grams to see what I did... which was: I mounted up some tow/tie-down rings front and rear. Right now they are bare stainless, but after the tool handle dip arrives, they will be a rubbery resplendent red. So, horizontal or vertical? Then, I decided that I didn't like the big gap and floppy door thingy on the heater box that we converted into the air filter housing. I treated it to some fiberglass. This I did not post on the Instant Grams because the pictures were terrible, even for me! After that, I got to work on some wiring. First, I built one end of the cable which goes from the master-kill to the starter. Then I built one end of the cable which goes from the battery to the master-kill. These I bolted to the master-kill and semi routed. After posting that set of pictures, I found another cable "foreskin" and decided to make the other end of the cable from the MK to the starter. This one included the main power lead going to the dash. No pictures of that either though. And since it was still light out, and not too hot, I got tucked in to one of the engine bay harnesses. I wired the disconnect to the relays, park lights, and turn signals, as well as the main power lead to the relays. Then, my "internet girlfriend" (AKA an Instagram THOT) started messaging me wanting attention, so I went home.
  5. I knew there was going to be a lot of fabrication work to make the brakes fit. I really should not be upset that the wheels (which are ever so much MORE bitchin' in person!) do not bolt right on. We have a plan (or two [or three]) in mind. We're going to make it work. I'm just being a whiny little bitch about it.
  6. I like, BIG... BUTTS and I cannot lie!
  7. And, we're obviously going to force a set of 27.4" tires to fit. Apologies for my previous, snarky reply to this post.
  8. A) Many thanks to John for doing all the work on the floor. It really does look awesome! 2) I think I have decided against the Falken snow tires in favor of going MUCH deeper in debt for a set of these: More aggressive all terrain tread, and 225s ought to fit a 15x8 better. And since the car (at least the rear end) would float on the 195/60-14 tires I used to run, it will probably be amphibious with these!
  9. They shipped today! I should have them Monday!
  10. After that, the dash goes in and I finish wiring! I'm getting excited! 😃 On a downer note though, those bitchin' purple wheels are still waiting to ship. I'm bummed. ☚ī¸
  11. I was 3/4 of the way through ordering the Volk decals, when I noticed the time in shipping. I looked back at the listing to see they are coming from Chi-na. IIIIII'm going to give these a pass, thankyouverymuch.
  12. Awwww, screw approval! I'll beg forgiveness! 4 of these have been ordered.
  13. Pending John's approval, and while I'm spending money I don't have, I want to fill those tires with these wheels: But these are also a front runner: And yes, if we decide on these, I will totally lie and say they are Work Equip! Aaaaaaand discuss!
  14. It doesn't like curbs though. It's kinda hanging by... ok, it's totally screwed. I'm going to need to buy another one.
  15. If the picture shows up, this guy (Falken Winterpeak F-Ice-1) has a real "European Rally Car" vibe that I like, comes in a 195/65-15 (25" inflated diameter), and is cheap! They are not as aggressive as I'd like but, they are more aggressive than the winter tires we put on the Subaru in an attempt at "Rally Car Tires." I don't like all the sipes in the tread but, beggars can't be choosy. I acknowledge that winter tires, in Texas, in the summer, are monumentally stupid and will wear out quickly but, THEY ARE CHEAP! I'm just waiting for John to approve/disapprove before I... don't buy a set because I don't have any damned money.
  16. Agreed, if we can find some smaller than 26" diameter.
  17. I was going to mention this myself, but was willing to overlook it because, as you say, we did consider it at one point.
  18. Interesting, but: A) All of them that I found were too tall (over 26") and 2) We may to have to step up to 15s or 16s to clear the calipers
  19. No, one day I casually asked, "How cool would a one-piece window be?" We thought it over and came up with a plan. Then I bought a pair of these for it and threw THAT plan right out the... um, window.
  20. Having said that... https://www.summitracing.com/parts/hpe-hp46-mag/make/dodge
  21. Ah, now I understand the e-mail I got from John about the Geolandar tires. I am not married to the 14" turbines (we're kind of exclusive, but haven't gone before a judge/preacher), so stepping up to a 15" or 16" is not out of the question. In my opinion though, the Geolandars are a tad too conservative in the tread department, but I'm afeared beggars can't be choosy. So, a set of "Open Concept" 16" wheels with the Geolandars are something I could be talked into.
  22. The wheels we have now are 14" Western or Shelby (or some other make, I'm not even sure!) turbines. I believe we're going to try and re-drill some Toyota '86 rotors (because that's the sauce of the calipers)... but now you have me worried about wheel clearance. To make a short story long... I don't know at this time.
  23. I've been thinking it over and have come to a conclusion. It is "fast enough." It does not snap my neck with acceleration, but I'm ok with that. It is more than capable of excessive speed (especially on rough roads) and will roll along at 100 miles... er, I mean kilometers per hour (wink, wink). So, I am going to stop thinking about "Go Fast Goodies" for the time being and just enjoy the thing... until a 360 falls into my lap, of course. Then we're talking: cam, headers, "Kegger Mod" to the manifold, bigger throttle body...
  24. Holy crap! They showed up at the shop today! And as the bishop said to the actress, "I had no idea they were THAT huge!"
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