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Truck died while driving, now no spark.


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Hello there Ratsun!


As I was driving my 720 across town, my truck died in an intersection and now won't start back up. Checked all the systems and now I have no spark. New plugs, wires, rotor, cap, and coils. Tested the coils and they're still good. We think we narrowed it down to the module inside of the distributor, but unsure about that. Any help?


Thanks guys and gals.

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You should never replace the coils unless they are proven no good. It's possible to get the wrong ones and perhaps burn out the ignition module. Specially those fancy after market ones. If you have the old ones put them back on.


How are you testing for spark on the engine??? Are you removing a plug wire and putting an old spark plug in the end and laying it on a grounded surface????





There should be power on the + sides of the coil, is there?

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Skib I think you're thinking of another vehicle. The intake coil is wired directly to the ignition switch. The exhaust coil through a fuse and then to the same ignition switch. ('84 FSM) There is an inhibit relay for automatics, a choke heater relay and a fuel pump relay under the pass side dash.

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