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Timing cover leak on z24


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I have an 85 z24, and I’m having a leak from the cover behind the lower pulley with three belt slots. What is that? Oil pump cover?


Edit...I'm thinking the oil pump is the block bolted to the left of it if you're standing in front of the truck looking in. Could it be the timing cover?

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Remove crank bolt and tap the back or the pulley with the socket. May take 20-50 taps but it will slide forward and off. Pry old seal out of the cover with large screwdriver. Pound new one in using a large socket and hammer. Install crank pulley and bolt. Torque to 100 ft lbs.

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Is the pulley the only thing I'll have to remove? It appears to be leaking from the bottom corner on the driver's side. Is this something that would benefit form a new gasket set, or should I just RTV it? All day job or a couple hours?

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Carb or brake cleaner works good. The air from driving will, push oil from a leak far from it's source. I would expect the seal.


If you have switched to synthetic, change back at the next oil change and the 'leak' will probably stop. Synthetic is not a good oil for our older vehicles. It's over kill for lubrication on a fresh engine and a waste on a worn one. It will leak past old seals and gaskets where the regular oil will not.


The back side of the pulley has a projecting 'nose' that slides over the end of the crankshaft and fits against the seal in the timing cover. Have a care when removing as there is a slot in the pulley to match a woodruff key in the crank to align it.

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Thanks Mike.


So I degreased and pressure washed what I think is the source, and no leak yet. Also, I know snake oils are not the way to go, but since it was low yesterday, I topped it off with Lucas engine oil stop leak. I'll be damned if I haven't seen one drop after warming it up after cleaning it this morning, when I saw a drop every 10 seconds yesterday. Maybe it is possible for a snake oil to work? Also, Mike, I'm using Rotella 15w-40. No synthetic for this old thing. Only for my other two vehicles. I use Rotella in pretty much all motorcycles/scooters and anything that didn't cost 50,000 dollars and 15w-40 is within the range of appropriate weight oils, usually 10w-40.

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