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Custom MagnaFlow Exhaust with Side Exit


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I finally got around to removing the stock exhaust and upgrade to something a little more unique. I went all new from the manifold flange, 2.25 pipe routed high and tight to a Magnaflow 14210 muffler. The downpipe was routed away from the engine and located between the torsion bar and frame. This muffler is for the Mustang with the side exit and is unique because the inlet and the outlet are on the same end. This allowed the outlet from the muffler to be routed over the frame rail and dump out in front of the back tire. It has a great sound and unique look.


Just wanted to share.












The work was done by Rich's Performance Exhaust. Rich did a youtube video of the install that can be seen here:



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Really ?

Did you notice that none of your pictures work ?


Try imgur, or someone else besides the ass holes a photobucket.


PS. had side exhaust on my 521. Short & sweet.

Exited out the right side just in front of the rear wheel.

Last strait section angled up, and would blow exhaust right in the face of anyone I was passing.

Great fun when picking on pissy ass Honda owners who wanted to street race.

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The photos worked when posted....


Photobucket account has been deleted....  Images have been moved to Amazon but their links do not embed in the forum, I guess if you are interested, click on the link. Would rather be working on the truck than trying to figure out how to get pictures to work.

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Really ?

Did you notice that none of your pictures work ?


Try imgur, or someone else besides the ass holes a photobucket.




I won't click on links either because I like working on my Datsuns more. imgur is no more work than Amazon but the difference is they are visible.


The system looks nice and best of all it doesn't sound like a honderp. The Can Am Challenger and 'Cuda had mufflers and side exit just like that from the factory.

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Not bad.

Does it touch the chassis or cab anywhere?

Looks kind of close.


Also, you are probably going to end up putting a tip on that, as any exhaust I've seen that exits right at the edge of the body will at minimum, soot the paint up, and at worst, actually burn the paint.


What was the bill for that job?

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It does not touch anywhere even though it is close. It is, no pun intended, well hung. It does not sound like a rice burner for sure with a nice rich truck tone and a little gurgle on idle down. No tip for me, ruins the look i was going for, the angle everything is cut at should be good on the paint. if it becomes a problem i will add a small patch of protective film above the exit.


Muffler was not cheap but it was one of the only options available that allowed the plumbing to go over the rail. it was worth it for a little fun, and a little personality. all said and done it was around 400. I did not have to mess with it and the old muffler had leaks and had to go anyway.

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