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  1. Hi Kim @420n620, I just replied to your PM with my address and contact number as you asked for. Looking forward to hearing back from you to be able to get this part and get my transmission mounted.
  2. Does anyone know if this would work to support a 5 speed transmission for a 620? I don’t have much capability to modify things at home and would like to have something that just bolts in, ideally. That’s why I was really hoping to get back in touch with 420n620.
  3. Hello, I’m trying to reach out to Kim Bedwell (username 420n620) to purchase a transmission crossmember that he had listed in the classified’s here on the site. We emailed back and forth a bit while he was trying to get photos off of his camera to send me. I would really like to get back in touch to purchase the crossmember as it was listed, but he doesn’t seem to be responding to my emails or messages here through Ratsun. I’ve emailed and messaged my phone number to him, but don’t have any other means to contact him. I’m hoping someone on here may know Kim personally and can hel
  4. I did manage to find a place called Gas Tank Renu-USA that has a location near me, but when I called to ask about getting it repaired, the rep was saying that it would be about $400-450 just for a standard clean up and renewal, but could be more expensive depending on how bad the tank was (varnish, sludge, whatever builds up inside the tank after sitting for 5-10 years without having been drained). My friend and I tried to remove the pickup from the top of the tank, but it seemed like it was seized in place. I put some PB Blaster on it to let it soak and haven't had a chance to see if it
  5. Unfortunately I don't have any kind of welding equipment at all, that's why I'm hoping that I can find a replacement or an alternative. I know there's always the option of something like a race fuel cell that you can bolt into the bed of the truck, but I'd prefer to keep the bed clear for carrying things in.
  6. Thanks guys! We removed the switch from the firewall (fairly easy to do as it was simply a threaded shaft with the switch on it that went in to the cab - just had to remove the accelerator pedal to be able to get the locknut removed inside the cab and then unthread it from the engine bay). This allowed us to get the KA situated at the right angle to be able to install the transmission. One thing that I'm not sure if others have been doing or not, but we used the 5 speed manual transmission from a 1990'ish Nissan D21 Hardbody, as the overall length of the transmission is a bit shorter th
  7. The LED conversion went relatively well, however, I am not getting the warning lights to come on like they used to during startup. It may be due to the fact that I haven't completely reattached the dash cluster to the dash, or possibly that the LED's I used may be polarity specific. I did notice that I could get the high beam indicator to flicker depending on the position I put the dash cluster into. I also see a bit of a very faint steady light coming from the right turn signal indicator when not on, but when I do use the turn signal indicator it is quite bright! I haven't posted an updat
  8. Including transmission crossmember? I didn't know you had transmission crossmembers as well! Count me in. I've already got a set of the mounts for my son's '72 SB 620, but hey, you can never have too many mounts, right?
  9. It would be possible if there were any shops near me that actually did cable manufacturing. None of the shops that I've spoken to have the ability to manufacture a new cable or know of any place that does. On the plus side, the shop that I took the truck to spent a little extra time and managed to get the front cable un-seized and adjusted, so I'm back in business with having a functional parking brake, but who knows how long it is going to last for. I'm still hoping that someone might happen to have a replacement front cable that I can get from them just to be prepared for when the fro
  10. I'm guessing from the lack of a response that nobody happens to have a spare front parking brake cable and bracket off of a parts truck or laying around that I would be able to get from them. I was really thinking/hoping that someone in the drier areas of the country where there generally tends to be a lot less rust might have something. I suppose it's time to come up with plan B. I've still got a bit of time before this needs to be done, so hopefully someone will reply sooner rather than later. If someone does happen to have something, you can also just message me directly through her
  11. Well, I'm now in a bit of a pickle. I am in need of the front parking brake cable with the bracket for the rear cables to attach onto. I'm hoping that someone on here may happen to have a spare cable lying around or maybe a parts truck that has a good cable on it that could be pulled? Thanks in advance to anyone that happens to have a front cable that's in good condition and is willing to part with it!
  12. So if I just get the SRK-142H short hub along with the NRG steering wheel, then the only thing additional that I would need would be an adapter plate to go between the hub and the steering wheel? Would you happen to know where I would be able to find the adapter plate, or is it something that has to be custom made?
  13. I know that there are a bunch of people who have installed different steering wheels in their 620's. I'm looking to get an NRG steering wheel and was told by their technical support that I would require their SRK-142H along with any of their quick releases version 2.0 or higher. I'm not 100% sure that I want to have a quick release, so I'm wondering if anyone has happened to install an NRG steering wheel without a quick release, and if so how did you manage it? The NRG tech support also mentioned something about being able to use a MOMO crush hub, but didn't go into further detai
  14. Thanks again Don! I was looking at the Dorman cables listed on their website as replacements and was wondering from their images if this may not happen to be what you were talking about. I'm wondering if back in the day all of the cables may have had these rubber bellows to try and keep the cables as clean and dry as possible to extend their longevity? It doesn't seem as though the replacements for either side have the rubber sleeve on them, only the main cable coming from the cab. The Front cable (C93156): https://www.dormanproducts.com/p-44281-c93156.aspx?year=1977&ma
  15. Don, Do you happen to have the actual length of the cables that you measured? Can anyone else confirm that the setup is the same for a standard cab with long bed and a king cab with standard bed?
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