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tailgate compatibility


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Hi! guys. Im new to ratsun and I have a quick question. Will a tailgate from a datsun 521 pickup (don't know the year) fit my 1966 datsun 520 truck? I been looking to just buy a tailgate but i found a guy on craigslist selling the whole bed with the tailgate included. He's not selling separately so before making the purchase i want to make sure the tailgate fits my truck. Thank you for your time.

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65 to 68 520 and 68 72 521 use the same tail gate.  I have run into the hinges being a half inch off on another tail from the one that came on my 66 520.  I will cut of one or both hinge halfs from my truck and install them on the tail gate and them ailign the tail gate to the bed and tac the hinge half to the bed with a welder, remome the tail gate pins and tail gate and finish the welding

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