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  1. Picture on top is the left side and the second one on the bottom is the right side of the truck. What do you guys think?
  2. Hi guys, The rubber upper bumper rebound support is toast on my truck. Would the upper rebound bumper support from a 720 or 620 fit the 520 pickup? The 720 support looks identical and the 620 is shape a little more different. Everybody's input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Lt.Worf

    Mile High 520

    Nice looking truck. Thumbs Up!
  4. Lt.Worf

    Side Mirrors

    hi guys! Is it legal in California to only have one side mirror on the driver side on a 1966 datsun truck?
  5. hey guys! I'm looking for the hood and side emblems for my 1966 l520 pick up. i know theres a wanted part section but the ads are old and not up to date. if anyone has them for sale contact me and i will respond asap. also would the heater duck hose from a datsun 1200 defroster heater hose be compatible in this truck? thanks to all who respond.
  6. Thank you guys for your fast response. I have a feeling i will be here doing a lot of research. :)
  7. Hi! guys. Im new to ratsun and I have a quick question. Will a tailgate from a datsun 521 pickup (don't know the year) fit my 1966 datsun 520 truck? I been looking to just buy a tailgate but i found a guy on craigslist selling the whole bed with the tailgate included. He's not selling separately so before making the purchase i want to make sure the tailgate fits my truck. Thank you for your time.
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