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'82 Restoration/ROOF!!?


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I recently got a sweet deal on an '82 720, king, 4x4.  The roof has been cut away!!.  I do need substantial protection from weather.  It would be nice to re-skin with an original roof or something from a compatible model, if it exits.  Thought of cannibalizing a replacement at a salvage yard but this being so old, I doubt I can find anything before 2000 within 100 mile radius, if at all.    Thought of having a custom Tonneau cover made but can't find anyone in my area that could fabricate such.


How many models/years of the 720 would be candidates for providing me with a compatible top?  Other solutions?  Thanks



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Depends where it's cut off. If shoulder height and B pillars are gone you will have to cut up a wrecked 720.


Looks like there were 2 roofs. But just the roof.


King Cab, King Cab with sun roof

Regular Cab (used on the short and long wheel base trucks)

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If I'm reading your post correctly, then you have a king cab. If that is correct then you can use any 720 king cab roof of any year. They never changed.


Post pics so we can see what you're really dealing with. If all you need is the roof skin you can likely finagle louts of things to work ok.

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