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  1. I can't post images. Tell me what I'm not doing.
  2. This 720 King has a Z22 177664 engine (It does not have a roof!). Odometer @ 88,883. I started it up on 3rd try. Ran it to normal op-temp in idle for about 15 minutes with the radiator cap off to see if there were bubbles or anything. I couldn't even tell if/when the thermostat opened. I could see the coolant get hot and vaporize a bit, but no flow, no bubbles? Yet, tailpipe was putting out white smoke (image). Is the thermostat stuck? Upper hose is warm....Seems like the temp gauge would be rising rapidly if the thermostat was not opening??... Still not certain about what is causing the white smoke. Has to be coolant leak, right? Maybe I'm witnessing the 'beginnings' of a total gasket failure. I do not think I should take this vehicle fishing.. 2nd question: If I do a basic compression check, I assume I put the gauge on the Intake Spark holes?
  3. Copy that, DatzenMike! I was planning to drive this rig 300+ miles to Texas next week. Maybe it is fortunate that I pushed it over the edge in my driveway vs. on I40!
  4. Thanks for the responses. I have neither the facility nor experience to pull the head. Can't afford to pay a pro for such a labor intensive job. Looks like my relationship with this 720 has gone up in white smoke. I will try to answer your questions......after a more thorough look at what has happened tomorrow.... Any opinions regarding those so called "Head Gasket Sealants" I've seen at the parts stores.
  5. I thought I would be making some performance improvements to this '82, 720, Z22 acquired last June by changing plugs and checking timing. MISTAKE. It was running OK; little noisy and complete with noticeable exhaust and fuel vapors. So, I thought, let's get dirty.....tune-er-up.... Yes the old plugs looked a bit burned and oily. One insulator was loose. One had a significantly decreased gap. Pulled them; put new NGKs BPR 5es & 6es in then discover NO notch on the main crank pulley for timing purposes. (I think this is NOT the original engine) Proceeded to find TDC@compression via the dowel -in -#1 cylinder 'method' hand cranking with a socket on the crankshaft pulley bolt and watching the distributor rotor, too. (Access very difficult, I might add) But, I was having a "Return to those Manly Younger Mechanic Days" Long story - longer: Timing was not really out. It fired up and sounded better than before. After a few minutes I see white smoke billowing out of the tailpipe. WHAT? Must be some oil leaked from the plug sockets or something. I drove around the hood for about ten minutes, leaving a trail of white smoke in my wake. Except for the smoke, performance seemed fine...This was last night. This morning, I started it up from cold noticing it went into high idle quicker than before and as it warmed dropped rpms and started billowing white smoke again. In the light of the morning, I could see that this was mostly water vapor and liquid drops, i.e., coolant. NOT OVERHEATING, at least for the 20 minutes idling. Shut down. Later, colder, opened radiator cap to see horrors of horrors; verification of a coolant level drop though not much. Why would changing out plugs result in an apparent head gasket failure? OR, an intake gasket failure? OR BOTH! Would a compression test rule out/confirm a head gasket failure? Any advice? Thanks
  6. CamoKing

    '82 Restoration/ROOF!!?

    Thanks for the info. I've got some junk yards not too far away with 'iffy' prospects for Plan A. Could there be a Plan B? I'll get some images posted soon to better describe this cut-out.
  7. CamoKing

    '82 Restoration/ROOF!!?

    I recently got a sweet deal on an '82 720, king, 4x4. The roof has been cut away!!. I do need substantial protection from weather. It would be nice to re-skin with an original roof or something from a compatible model, if it exits. Thought of cannibalizing a replacement at a salvage yard but this being so old, I doubt I can find anything before 2000 within 100 mile radius, if at all. Thought of having a custom Tonneau cover made but can't find anyone in my area that could fabricate such. How many models/years of the 720 would be candidates for providing me with a compatible top? Other solutions? Thanks

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