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620 long bed on way to the UK

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Hi guys,


I've been a member on here for a while as I love style of the cars and was biding my time waiting for the opportunity to arise to get involved.


I used to have a supercharged miata which I loved but sold it due to starting a family and other priorities. When the time came I knew i wanted 70s, Japanese and rwd but that was about my requirments.


Now, the time still hasn't really come, and I'm not quite ready for a project car buuuuuut I got chatting to a nice chap in Portland and before I knew it I was on the phone to the shipping company!!


So being loaded today, is my 1976 Datsun 620 long bed!! Looks to be in pretty good shape and I'm so excited to get it. There are only six 620s on the road here in the UK!








Short term goals are just to tidy it up a bit.


Long term goals are more modern reliable power and maybe a rhd conversion.


When I get it I'll start a build thread for sure, just thought I'd introduce the project here first :)



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Will do for sure.


Shipping wasn't too bad but the extras add up:


$1000 Long beach to Southampton, UK

$600 Portland to Long beach on a truck

$500 escrow service (they check docs and pay the owner)


The escrow service wasn't necessary but was for piece of mind really. Then in the UK its about £400 fees plus 5% duty.



If the car wasn't over 25 years old I would be paying 10% on the cost of the car+shipping then 20% on top of that VAT!!!

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