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Skyline Fender Mirror Mounting Datsun 620


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I don't think fender mirrors were ever used on the 620. So, I guess common sense prevails. If the Skyline mirrors are mounted on a sloping surface you will need to find a matching slope on the 620 fender or the mirror will be tilted. In addition, it will need to be located where you can see safely to the vehicle side or what's the point. If you can't satisfy these two functions you better skip the idea entirely.

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The cars they are used on (at least a 510 and a 1200) have an indent in the upper fender rail where the mirror goes.  There is a spring and a retainer cup on them, and that's the only place they will fit.  Never seen a Skyline mirror off the car, so I'm not sure they are the same underneath.


I've also never seen a 620 with fender mirrors, so I would double check everything before drilling into the fender.  I'm guessing here, but I would think the 620 might not have the indent in the upper rail for a fender mirror. 

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On my 1200's, I mounted them in line with the rear of the front side marker light and they work fairly well for me.  The glass is of the " objects in mirror may be closer than they seem" type, so they are more of a reference for me as I still do the quick look over my shoulder.  As Duncan said, on the 1200 and the 510 there is a dimple in the upper fender rail.  If there is one on the 620 it would be about the same location...close to where the side marker light is.

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