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New 720


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New to this forum, not new to forums.


1985 Nissan 720 King Cab Deluxe 4x4...got it for $1,000 running and driving. Only thing it needed was a deep cleaning inside, rubbing compound outside and wheels brightened. Camne with new tires. This is what I've done to it so far:


Polished paint (was dull when I got it)

Brightened wheels

Got front prerunner bar KC lights working on a switch

Got blower motor working

Installed front speakers/antenna and got radio working (with bluetooth!)

New seat covers

Shift boot cover

Visor clips (off of 79 or so 240z..worked perfectly)

New rear brake shoes and hardware

degreased motor

new air filter

oil change

topped up all axle/tranny/transfer case fluids

new drain plug washer

new rear window lock

new wipers

resistor on the way to hopefully get tach working

parking brake cables to replace siezed cables (hopefully the right ones)

"custom" cup holder ($10 from o'reilly's)


Basically, it ran and drive and 4x4 worked, and seems well maintained, but it does have 173,000 miles on it. It starts a little iffy but runs fine when warmed up, and tranny shifts smoothly. It just has a whine from the tranny which I assume is from straight cut gears. It also has a yet to be determined oil leak, but seems to be oil pan gasket.




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I have one of these, the drive train in these is actually the weak link. I am reding my tranni and T-Case this week, it is not really something to be ignored. If you have the guts rebuild that sucker. They start to get angry with you and 4th will be the least annoying, then 1-3 will be crabby because a bearing fell out and ate all the synchros, then 5 will not like to stay in and 4th will still be silent, but the shift lever will get to dancing like its pants are on fire.


Nice fairly clean truck, really diging those wheels.


Your checklist as the proud owner of a Nissan/Datsun 720 4wd


Re-torque those head-bolts immediately

Check your CV boots as they should be just about shot at that mileage unless replaced before.

We use delo 400 and wix filters here so anything else and we will tease you.

Check your gear oil in T-Case and rear end.



The 4wd transmissions are super hard to find so I would recommend not letting yours barf. (I bought mine after it had need thrashed beyond recognizable so it was to late)


Nice truck, you are gonna love your new baby, as I always say "toyota makes an ugly rust bucket with a better tranni than mine".

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Already checked fluid in all diffs, tranny and tcase. They were marginally low. I used Rotella 15w-40 and a Napa Silver filter. CV Boots look good actually. This truck was decently maintained.


How do I torque the head bolts? Just the valve cover or the actual head?

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There are a couple threads devoted to the head bolts. Take of the valve cover and they are right under there. 60 ft lbs. Only take one out at a time! And the order does not matter. It must be done on a stone cold engine. There are 8 bolts I believe. This is to prevent head gasket failure.

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You can use a 2wd 5 speed in a 4x4 if the length is the same. You will need to seal up the speedometer opening. The gearing is a closer rather than a wide ratio but hardly noticeable. Crawl speed would be slightly higher.

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