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Looking for adjustable upper control arms

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Well the first thing I would do is take the stock upper control arms, grind the lip off on the top where the ball joint goes, flip them upside down and put the right one on the left, and the left one on the right.

If he still has negative camber then I would lengthen them just enough to be able to align the front end.

Flipping them upside down makes it so the upper ball joints don't bind, since I re-located my tension rods to the rear and I cut off the front tension rod mounts I can lower mine so far the cross member below the oil pan rests on the ground and the ball joints still don't bind, at the moment that cross bar on my 520 is 2 5/8ths inches off the ground, any lower and it hits stuff, right now it only hits the ground when I dive off the back side of the very large speed bumps we have around here if I am driving over 15mph when I hit them.

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