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620 Wheel and Tire Help

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I am trying to decide about wheels and tires for my 1976 620, but I'm not technical enough to make sure I get the right sizes..... ANY help would be appreciated.


I am looking at 16", 7 or 8 inch width wheels and "semi" low profile tires....... looking to get that 70's look. (looking at U.S. Wheel chrome 75 Series). I had very similar wheels on a 620 I bought new in 1977.


I want the wheels/tires to fit flush to the wheel wells and want to make sure I can fully turn the front wheels. What I need to know most is that given my description, what offset and backspacing do i need? Also, wheat size tires for these wheels would fit properly?


Thanks in advance.

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If the 16's fill the wheel well, probably not. Possibly might lower the front by 1/2" and could add  1" lowering blocks to give a very slight forward slant, but really no more. I would only consider lowering as "finishing touch" if there is still a little too much space. Nothing radical, I'm not going to modify fenders, etc. Like I said, I am really looking for the "70's" look. If 16's are too extreme, I would go with 15's.


Thanks for replying so quickly.

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'70s look would not include 17" rims with 2" rubber bands on them. Get chevy Blazer or 4x4 rims that wide in 14" or 15" and tires to match.  Offset or back spacing is critical so that the rim and tire do not extend out to the fender. There are on line calculators for this. Also get tires that are the same height or diameter so your performance and speedometer are not affected.

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This is VERY close to what I am looking for...... I can do 15's, 16's, 7" wide, 8" wide............ etc. Again, the question is, what offset and back spacing would get me there? Would 16's with 0 back space and 0 to -5mm offset work? if these are 16" wheels, can you guesstimate the tire size from the picture? (Sorry in advance for stealing this photo).



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