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510 fuel sending unit interchangeability

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I would say yes. I ran a 620 tank on a 720 gauge and there was no change in readings.


You could check your 510's sender to see if it matches the 720's resistance. The 720 sender at full up, (full tank) the resistance should be 10 ohms or less. This will give a full scale reading on the 720 gauge. An empty is 80 or more ohms. This will give no reading.  

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Pretty sure the resistance is the same 10-80 ohm range. You will need to bend the float rod so that it gets near the bottom of the tank but doesn't quite touch. The top isn't so important as it may lie slightly about being full but it can't lie about being low and near empty. My 710 goes about 75 miles before it begins to read below full. I would rather that than one that reads 1/8 and runs out.


You can shorten the length effectively, by just adding several bends.

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