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71 510 issues with brake drum and shoe fitment


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Maybe you guys been through this.  I had to change one of the rear brake wheel cylinder because it's leaking.  Got the parts from Oreilly (Brake shoes and drum) and the wheel cylinder at Winchester auto.  Tried to put them back and drum will not line up or fit in the shoes.  Adjusted the hex screw and still will not fit. 



Here are my questions:




I called NISSAN parts dept. thinking maybe I should get it there but the parts guy is saying that I need the build date of my 71 Datsun because there's several versions of the brake drums and shoes.  Is this true? 





What can cause the drum and the shoes not to fit?



Thx for the help.

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The metal shoes have glued on linings. Most are turned in as cores to be rebuilt. I had this on my new B-210. I suspect a thicker lining was used, doesn't take much. You could grind down the shoe where it contacts the wheel cylinder and the adjuster. This would allow them to move in closer to the center and the drum to fit over them.

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Yes, hex adjustment screws were adjusted all the way.  Also I bought another wheel cylinder from Winchester auto since the other one from NAPA had a protruding metal piece in the slot but the ones from Winchester were flushed.  So it can be one part after another that does not meet certain tolerance or QC along the way.  I also found a Brake place by my area that can turn the drums and make sure the brake shoes fit, they call it "arching" but that will be my last resort. Thx for all of the help, fricken back is killing though.  :crying: Miss driving my DD 510, been driving my 65 mustang and eats up gas

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Never heard suck a thing but I have never got new drums.


PS if drums are made in China I maybe would turn them anyways.


You adjust the hex screw in rear back in? as you have new shoes the hex will push the adjusters out.  YOU NEED IT BACK IN

Needs to be turned all the way OUT not in!

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