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Body kit Hakosuka to Datsun 1200/Sunny.


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As I wrote earlier, I was looking Datsun 1200.
In the end I bought in Japan because it was cheaper.
More companies are involved in importing cars from Japan than from South Africa.
The car cost 3,000$, transport also 3,000$.

I now have another problem.
Needs body kits from Hakosuka, but I do not know where I can buy something.
I am only interested in the front, fenders and grille. Without the hood, bumper and "language".

I know that in Japan, the company 09racing sells ready-made kits, but their price is space.

Maybe someone knows where else can buy?
Hood, bumper and other parts Im make at home, but the main part, I can not do. Because I have to make a copy of the original. I do not have the original car.


Regards and sorry for my English.

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My English is not good- sorry.

I wanted to ask if the Hakosuka body would match the Datsun 1200.
Specifically I mean Front Fender.
I have Datsun with '90.
I wanted to build Hakasuka in a pick up version like Hakotora. But not using their body kits.

Are there any big problems with matching?
Possibly you know someone who could make such a fender in the US/EU?

Front Fender I wanted to buy on this web.

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