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    Body kit Hakosuka to Datsun 1200/Sunny.

    Hey, My English is not good- sorry. I wanted to ask if the Hakosuka body would match the Datsun 1200. Specifically I mean Front Fender. I have Datsun with '90. I wanted to build Hakasuka in a pick up version like Hakotora. But not using their body kits. Are there any big problems with matching? Possibly you know someone who could make such a fender in the US/EU? Front Fender I wanted to buy on this web.
  2. Hi, As I wrote earlier, I was looking Datsun 1200. In the end I bought in Japan because it was cheaper. More companies are involved in importing cars from Japan than from South Africa. The car cost 3,000$, transport also 3,000$. I now have another problem. Needs body kits from Hakosuka, but I do not know where I can buy something. I am only interested in the front, fenders and grille. Without the hood, bumper and "language". I know that in Japan, the company 09racing sells ready-made kits, but their price is space. Maybe someone knows where else can buy? Hood, bumper and other parts Im make at home, but the main part, I can not do. Because I have to make a copy of the original. I do not have the original car. Regards and sorry for my English.
  3. Thanks all for help. I think I'll do that buy in South Africa - 1200 RHD. A part of the rebuilding of the US / EU of Coupe / Sedan. And rebuild engine(SWAP), the interior (dashboard), painted, even though I bought 521/620. It will be a little more expensive than buying 521/620 in the US, but it will be 1200 :) 1200 in South Africa can be a 3 000$ buy, transport to EU 3 000$. Rebuilding too. All 10 000$.
  4. Maybe 620 seems to be smaller, because it has the groove(hump) above the threshold. I mainly depends on these four dimensions (A, B, C, D) that were similar to the Datsun 1200. Does anyone have these dimensions? (521 and 620) I was looking for, but I have not found anywhere LHD version. A rebuilding of the RHD to LHD, is probably a big expense. They are part of this? :) Basically it is an idea. I can buy RHD and part of the 1200 Coupe - what do you think? - Version - abstraction :)
  5. Thank you for your help. In South Africa and Australia are the only RHD, and I wants a LHD :) RHD is also in Japan. I see that was a tough challenge. In the end I just probably buy 521 :) In Mexico (Central and South America) I not found. You can even recommend any website? Let's try another way :) - which picup Datsun / Nissan is closest to the car in the picture above? 521, 620 other? I mean dimensions. 1200 like the town because it is low and its trunk (wall) are too low. Sorry for my English :) I thought the 521, but it seems "so big". I want to build something similar to "Hakotora", but a little different. Another front.
  6. Hey, My English is poor - sorry. He would like to buy in the US Datsun B110 or B210, but I do not know how to search. Concretely I want to versions PickUp. Typing on searchcraigslist.org B110 (Datsun 1200) or B210 is no Suspend. Pickup versions have special names? As part B210 pickup, it pops up unless Datsun 620. How is it? Strange all the marks and names. Overall I would B110 pickup. Where is the most? USA? Where to look for and under what name? Are these versions are so rare, it's hard to find? Vertigo with these names cars .Once again, sorry for my English. Photo image of the car Best Regards - Mario.

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