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Cleaning solution for under carpet


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Hi All,


I'm looking to replace the carpet on my 620.  After removing my carpet I find that there is residue from the adhesive from the carpet as well as regular dirt etc. 


Any recommendations on what type of spray to use for a good scrub?





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That's not a fun job.


WD40 works in conjunction with a gasket scraper or putty knife. Once it's all removed there's going to be a big cleanup effort to get all the slime cleaned up.


If you had a heat gun, you could heat the underside of the floor to help peel the adhesive off. Then clean up with solvent, acetone, etc.


For regular cleanup, I use Purple Power or Super Clean. They are pretty caustic, but rinse right off and leave a perfectly clean surface. Just don't get it on any anodized aluminum.

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If you're going to put down carpet again and more glue, is it necessary to remove all the old glue?  I'd use Simple Green as a good cleaner.  There are plenty of non-toxic rust removers if you need it.  Then glue away once the dirt is removed with no need to remove anything but the glue which never stuck to the paint in the first place.  Very little is needed anyway - just around the perimeter and near the base of the tranny tunnel.  

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