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Bled my clutch line, and now my clutch wont engage.


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I adjusted the slave cylinder push rod at first by loosening the locking nut and decreasing the the distance the nod needed to push to achieve more movement. After looking in the master cylinder I saw I was low on fluid, then I initiated the bleed process.


The pedal feels great now (It was going all the way to the floor before engaging the clutch), however it now does not engage the clutch. Do I just need to dial that adjustment rod back closer to where it was? I know I could climb under my dirty truck and just try it, but I''d rather get some opinions first. Thanks!


One more piece of info before the onslaught ensues. I can put my truck in first gear, start it, and it doesn't jut forward. It's like I'm in neutral.




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Once all the air is out, the clutch needs to be adjusted. Adjust so there is about 2mm, or roughly 1/16" of looseness between the clutch arm and the pushrod. Now check that the pedal has about the same amount of slack before there is resistance. The pedal is unlikely to have changed but it can be checked.

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I love it when I come back from dinner and all my prayers are answered. Sounds like my assessment was on the right track.


Thanks Mike, as always your wealth of knowledge overflowith. 

Kelowg, probably a good guess. But that's the problem with having no experience in these things.

FlatCat, thanks for the link. Damn that Wayno and his good advice.


So after reading the write up by Wayno, It looks like I can get by without the spring (which I just noticed I don't have, but do have places for), but seems to be a simple fix. However, he mentioned bleeding AFTER the adjustment. Is there any reason you couldn't bleed then adjust. The reason I ask, is I hate to have to bleed again tomorrow.

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And an update... Got mechaniced out last night, saved it for this morning. Thank god I have a boss that understands, he used to own a 1970 Bronco.


Anyways... Loosened and adjusted the slave piston, and the control arm... WORKS LIKE A CHARM!


Now, on to more pressing matter. Dodgy fuel delivery....

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