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Another fuel filler neck replacement for a 510


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I read through Creepy Cruiser's How to and used some of his idea's, see his here.


(1) So I also started with a filler neck from a 88-93 Mazda B2200.
(2) Couple of feet of 5/8 vent hose
(3) Newer gas cap
(4) and instead of a fuel filler hose from an isuzu i bought this. The reason I went with the new hose is i couldn't find and isuzu hose used or new. This is the hose Gates 23932 fuel fill hose 2" ID. This is the re-enforced hose with the steel in it. I also got the parts for the stock charcol filter to hook up to the 5/8 vent hose.

I used all the same tools including the tail pipe expander.

Parts I bought



So i was not sure how this re enforced hose was going to work when i was trying to get it to expand, but it worked out really well. So the mazda filler neck is just under 2 inches in diameter, the 2 inch hose goes over it very easily. I ended up cutting the hose so at about 14 inches, before you cut yours double check the length. To get the hose on the tank i boiled it in water with the expander in it. When i got the diameter right i dunked it in cold water. This seemed to help it stay at the size i needed it to. I also had the clamps on it while i was boiling it. Mostly so didn't have to fight to get them on after the hose was in place.







here are a couple of before pics





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looks good but the only thing I see that I would have done different is put the  vent on top like the factory filler not down low where it can fill with fuel and not vent 

just my 2 cents but it looks great 

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What have people used for the Fuel Filler Neck or the Filler Hose for a wagon? 


I was starting to line up parts, then realized it probably won't work properly on my Wagon with that super sharp 90 deg down turn.


Should I just go get someone to fab up a bit of stainless tubing?


Note: I can weld - just not stainless.


Also, someone poke the 510realm owner to fire the domain back up. I feel neutered without it.

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That was a good write up! I used it to change out the leaking filler neck on my car and worked out great. I used Spectra Premium FN724 for the filler neck. Had to make some cuts on it so that screws could pass through and bolt up.


Before cutting it:



After cutting it:



Modified the original piece by removing the locking mechanism for the lid:



Not sure why I added this gasket, don't think it was needed:



Fully Assembled:







Later on I added a viton flag so that any drips of gas dont fall directly on the paint, works great


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Thanks for posting this cl72wagon, I too sourced the Mazda B2200 filler neck some time back based on Creepy Cruiser’s post but got stumped on the hose.  I have completed the replacement with your recommended Gates fuel fill hose (and other components) and it works excellent.  A couple of things to add that may help others:

I used my wife’s hairdryer to apply heat and help to expand the hose, worked fine although she was not thrilled about this.  If you’re not in a hurry just expand it and leave it in the sun, then come back and expand it some more, and on and on...
14” hose length is plenty long, but definitely measure for yourself, I did 14.375” and any longer would be an issue.  Cutting the hose: it’s important to note that this hose is re-inforced with TWO spiraling metal wires.  I cut through one and then thought I was home free, but my cut began to chase diagonally as it followed the second wire.  Aside from that, a fine tooth hack saw is the perfect too for cutting this hose.
Finally, I wanted to reuse the stock hose straps (because, why not) but the new filler neck is a smaller diameter.  I just disassembled the original ones, snipped a bit off the end and bent the newly cut ends to match.  Works great.
I did not get the clamp tight enough on the filler end the first time, so I double clamped it to be sure since the diameter is less than the hose.  I replaced the 1/4” vent lines that I touched with Raider Polyurethane Fuel Gas Line Tubing Hose Roll Blue (5 Ft. x 1/4 In.) which was more than enough for the job (there is a longer vent hose that I believe goes to the engine bay I didn’t mess with).
I am in the process of expanding the remaining length of fuel filler hose (more than enough length for the job), and I will list it for sale in the classifieds when it’s ready.
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