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  1. O'Reilly has them usually in stock at their stores. They keep them behind the counter. Try to get a thicker one although the one on mine was probably bent because the previous owner over tightened it. Also summit racing has them.
  2. That was a good write up! I used it to change out the leaking filler neck on my car and worked out great. I used Spectra Premium FN724 for the filler neck. Had to make some cuts on it so that screws could pass through and bolt up. Before cutting it: After cutting it: Modified the original piece by removing the locking mechanism for the lid: Not sure why I added this gasket, don't think it was needed: Fully Assembled: Later on I added a viton flag so that any drips of gas don
  3. Hi All, was doing a head gasket chain on my 510's L20B and failed to properly retain the chain tensioner and came to find I could not reinstall the camshaft sprocket and to my horror realized the chain tensiner had come out. My mistake was not having inserted the piece of water hose all the way down. Anyhow, after looking at some images and videos online to get an idea of what was going on in there, we were able to get the tensioner reintalled w/o having to take the front cover off. to start off, here is a view of what you are up against To get the tens
  4. Thanks Mike I've got a new seal there - will put some grease before installation. Would any of the grooving or pitting on the surface cause oil to leak out? I did have a transmission leak towards the back at the tail end but I don't know if it was from a worn seal, pitted/grooved yoke surface or loose cap on the yoke.
  5. Hi All, Recently got the 5-speed transmission on my 71 510 rebuilt and working on putting it all back together. I noticed a few issues with the slip yoke. When taking the propeller off I noticed a small plate fell off from the slip yoke and later found out its the cover plate for the "vent hole" on the yoke. Is there any venting through the plate or I can I reinstall the plate and seal it shut? I'd prefer not having gear oil leaking through that area. The slip yoke surface that mates with the transmission output seal is worn and pitted, I'm debating if
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