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Datsun Windshield Group Buy - Seattle area - act fast!

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I have a crate of glass coming from Pro Source.

I believe he plans to ship at the end of the week.

If you want to purchase some glass and pay no shipping, Richard can add it to the crate and I'll receive it and hold it for you in Mukilteo/Lynnwood, WA.


Pricing and availability below:


      1968-73 Datsun 510 (FW204) Green tint $140 ea

      1968-70 Datsun 1600/2000 Tall Roadster  Green tint $250 ea

      1970-78 Datsun240/260/280 Z $120 green tint blue shade  ea

      Late 72-79 Datsun 620 Pick up green tint blue shade  $125 ea


      We have  some side glass for Z cars,  anyone can ask and we will respond quickly.


      Richard Tankel <richardt@prosourceglassintl.com>

      ProSource Glass international

      Toll Free 877-345-2800 US & Canada


                   978-790-4657 Cell



Payment and availability goes through Richard Tankel.  I'm just receiving the crate.

Good luck guys!




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Thanks Carter, I am going to call Richard and see about some 1200 glass.my windshield is so pitted from being towed behind a motor home that it becomes hard to see if the sun is directly in your face.

My mazda has a new windshield. And wow what a difference. Could be the best $200 spent.

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Just talked to Richard.

He is closing the crate at the end of the day tomorrow (Friday)


Who else wants in?


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If I could I would. Anybody want to get a 620 windshield for me and I'll pay them back?

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