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Classifieds poll? Thank you for the help.

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For parting out one of my rigs, I made a general posting for all of the parts. Surprised at the lack of response.


If you are looking for a particular part which of the following are you most likely to respond to or buy from;


1. A general listing covering multiple parts, lots of reading required. Pic is of a random part.


2. An ad specific to the part that you need with the matching pic of that part.


3. A wanted posting for the part posted yourself and wait for responses.


4. I don't waste my time on Ratsun classifieds and go directly to Craigs List.


5. Fill in your own description.


Thank you, for letting me waste your time.

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The new classifieds are superior. End of story.


List each part individually over a course for about 3 hours, most of which won't even be viewed after they scroll off of the Ratsun.net home page, then get no serious response about any of your listings that DO somehow happen to be seen. :thumbup:  


Thank you for wasting your time.





-The Management

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I use the Ratsun classifieds for listing rare or especially desirable parts with success, but for a full part out or run of the mill stuff, I'd list it on Craigslist. You know we all surf craigslist looking for parts anyway.

Also I only list stuff here that I'm willing to ship. If not willing to ship, go straight to craigslist.

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