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Is there a plastic epoxy?


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I got a center console out of a 720 for my 620. However, it is not quite how I need it, so I need a material that I can apply and have it act like the original plastic i.e. drill into it and paint it. I have read some where on the inter web net before but cannot remember for the life of me. I basically want to fill in the shifter boot hole and make my own opening for a commonly used readily available boot. Then I am going to prep and paint the whole assembly. I have experience with painting plastic I just need an idea on what to fill with.

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Auto parts stores and marine supply houses sell fiberglass kits usually used to 'glass the bottoms of boats. They contain a woven [serge] fiberglasss cloth and a really good epoxy resin and hardener. Cut a cloth patch with overlap onto the existing plastic, saturate with mixed resin/hardener and apply to the rear. If you use some waxed paper, with or without a spray of PAM, on the front it will come out so smooth that just a little sanding, which you will have to do ayway so that the paint will stick, will finish the patch very well. If you need a very firm area to drill, apply more patches to the rear [until you hit the floor or close toit?] and you can make the patch as stiff as you want it.

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Yeah to above. Get another console and cut and trim a flat piece and 'glue' in to fill the hole then make your own. Tough and flexible, no body work tallent required.


Yea that's kinda what I am leaning towards. Thanks guys I will keep you posted. I am going to start a official project thread on my 620.

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