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how many bolts should hold my engine to the tranny, i have 4 but i noticed on my friends 280zxt he has 6.. i have holes where i could bolt the brackets to my engine and then use 2 more bolts for the bottom of the tranny.. is my truck missing something? i've never been this far into my truck so i never noticed.. never had any problems..

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Even if you can leave the starter you wouldn't want to, it would make the transmission that much harder to get out, and we know it doesn't need to be any more difficult.


your damn right gee!! my header makes gettin the tranny in / out very difficult.. i gotta use my lil pry bar to manipulate shit an its a 2 person job for sure, the 280zxt i can get the tranny in an out on my own if need be but not the truck... and to think i thought it was going to be easier ha, boy was i wrong

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The plate goes between the starter and trans. If it wasn't there the starter would eat itself (and the ring gear) due to incorrect backspacing. It doesn't support the transmission though, as the plate usually isn't bolted to anything- just sandwiched in there. On some it's bolted at the bottom to the transmission bell to keep dirt out.


There are supposed to be 2 arms, bolted to the block, to support the bottom of the transmission. I see them missing quite often, and they may have been omitted at the factory at some point. Probably half of mine have them. One of my engines only has one (might be the 4X4).

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ya i couldnt remember if it went between or not thanks for clearing that up for us..


'haulic thats exactly what im talking about!! even if they're not 100% nessecery.. i want to have them anyways.. weather its jus for looks or extra support.. i will have them.. wanna sell some w/ hardware?? ;)

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