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1979 Datsun 510 - $1000 Need to Sell ASAP


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Hey Guys,


So I was going to fix this beast up and post every step of progress on the way BUT I have to sell it if I want to stay living at home. SO that means I have to get rid of it....

I got it and never registered it but it has a clean title


1979 Datsun 510


Green White BreDatsun Paint Scheme





Comes With:


QA1 350lb springs in the front

Corbeau Racing Seats and belts

Two L14 Motors

One L16 Motor (original motor in car)

16x7" rims


Four Transmissions (I cleaned up the sport trans really good and was planning on putting it in with the new motor)


The guy that i bought the motors off of also gave me a bunch of extra parts that I wouldnt mind throwing in with the buy also


The original bumpers and trim





I planned on turning this into a track car with custom interior and dash. Can easily be turned back into a daily driver. Thank you for looking.






916-333-9501 call anytime








$1500 Everything listed included

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if you were closer, and maybe just wanted to sell the car w/ an engine an tranny or unless theres an engine an tranny in it.. but ya that would be nice for my gf.. grill is modable i tell ya what.. u bring it here.. an i will trade u my 92 sentra xe straight accross.. as long as theres an engine an tranny in it lol

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