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620 Strut Rod Bushings?


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I know where to get them Poly from Australia.... But were can I get some regular rubber ones for my 74 620???? I tried every where and the only person who has the 620 Strut Rod Bushings is on ebay... 35 dollars? for that price I can get them Poly.... So... I'm just trying to save some money....

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I don't know what the differences are. I looked up '79 because that's what's saved in their website for my vehicles.


partsamerica.com is the online branch of CSK Auto (Checker, Schucks, Kragen) The brick and mortar stores honor the online prices if you take in a printout of the price when you pick up the parts.

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Rubber... softer, gives a bit more, wears out with age mostly.

Polly...... Hard, little give, will wear out from friction more than rubber.


In some cases the hard rubber is enough to return the 'like new' ride and firm things up. Replacing with poly will definitely firm up the ride and handling, but the poly does not 'give' and in some uses will wear quite fast.

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Not trying to be rude. But the superpro's poly bushings I think offers diffrent types of stifness/firmness on there bushings. Right now my rig has no strut bushings! :lol:


I will see which one will be cheaper. But for an extra 10 bux's I think you can get them poly and you get the choose the type of firmness the bushings are made which is not that bad. But all bushings wear out no mater what.... No?


I got to talk to the Tein supplier her in Lakewood Ca to verify again. If these Superpros are way to expensive, then I'll go to Rockauto and use the extra rebate Ratsun got... :cool:

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Make sure you measure everything before you take the rods out, those rods have a great deal to do with the alignment of your truck. I found this out last weekend when I took my truck to get aligned. That's how they adjust the caster and stop bump steer.


I had to make new rods that were more adjustable.

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This truck needs suspension help big time. I cant believe I was going a hundred on that horrible suspension. All the rubbers are gone. But I did replaced all the tie rods, idler and pitman arm and I aligned it all by myself. Man..... No wonder my cars dont last long. :lol:


I have all the rubber already except the tie rods bushings and the rear leaf spring bushings. I heard you can use poly leaf spring bushings from a Jeep? Any who I got paid yesterday... So more stuff is a coming!!!!

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