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320 in the midwest


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this truck I have actually seen before, the front end completely hacked by someone who got into it not knowing WTF they were doing.


Here is his description


{1964 Datsun 320 pickup. Black, custom fender flares, otherwise mostly stock body/frame.


truck is mostly complete, tho the truck was disassembled and the parts bagged long before I got it, and I reassembled the front suspension enough to roll, but i cannot guarantee it's ALL there. drum brakes and king/linkpin front suspension on torsion bars, solid axle with leafs in the back. all the glass is there (and some extra) also comes with extra hood, grille, and a bed full of other parts. No title, no vin plate that I can find. the firewall/interior was hacked up to fit a ford v-6, and the part that was cut out is the part that has the vin plate on it. you might be able to get a Oklahoma vin for it, or if you put it on a newer frame/drivetrain, you could just vin it as that.


will include those bitchin' wide ass 15" wheels and tires, as well as a used motor and tranny that is supposed to be the original type for the truck. (looks the part, at least).


this would make a rockin' pro street style truck, or a sweet little minitruck.


as listed, $1000. if you want me to do/change something, we can probably work a deal out.}


and a pic



the craigslist link



its very sad, I saw this truck and the front is hacked!!! Didnt appear to have much rust and what looks like most of the parts and trim pieces were in the bed when I saw it about a year ago..


this truck is the last thing I need, but maybee one of you guys

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$1000 for a 320 w/ no motor.Prob. not gonna get it. How does the price go up from $600 to $1000...:confused:Paul, is that a 65 grill for sure? Mine has the round white lights,my friends 64 has that grill pictured. No biggie just noticed:D


It changed hands, used to be in a Junk Yard downtown, my gf and I were cruising around and she actually spotted it, I went and talked to the dudes who owned the JY and they told me $600 I was by that JY a while back and it was cleaned out, then I saw it posted.

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Hell, I'm confused...

there are some 65's with the round blinkers in the grill...called 4 generation....

Angular ones are leftovers from 64? these are the 3rd generation...



and it is cool having one in the side yard and another in the back yard!


AFAIK, all 65's have the blinkers integrated into the grill...only the older ones have them separate...some were round some were angular.

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um...Paul.....you're a bit off. The '63 had the separate blinkers/grill(like the one on the opening page of ODPL, the one up top is the '64(like my NL). The '65 is the one with the round blinks in the grill....like the orange 320 I had.

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I'm not sure I've seen an NL with the '65 grill(like PacCoast's) so it probably was just the two types in your last pic. Was the other pic there before I posed? I don't remember seeing it. Anyway.....the NL did actually get built in '62, so that would be when the first gen grill would have happened.....more of a guess here than a statement of fact. Datsun liked to cross years until they ran out of parts so that's probably why your '65 L has the same grill as my '64. Sure wish I would have kept that grill. It just cost me $60 for the one that's on my NL now and it's not as nice. I guess that's why I don't typically sell stuff!!

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