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L20b smell


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I have a 620.... today when I revved the engine to about 4thousand rpm and it let out this weird smell .. It kinda smelled like burned clutch but I know I wasn't holding the clutch for long ...What might of happened it did it about 3 times because I was trying to pass a yellow light in traffic I wasn't speeding .. Help..


I'm just worries I might need a new motor and this is my daily driver ...

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You're smelling blow by from that filter. Normally it's connected to the air filter and when flow reverses it gets sucked into the carb.


Oil is likely from the valve cover, or the fuel pump gasket. Or dripping from that blue filter. Engine shampoo or rinse off with carb cleaner or some degrease-er in a bottle. Let dry and drive it and check where it first begins to show up.

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It keeps being stinky because it runs down on your exhaust manifold. If its BAD and you run it hard and hot you could potentially have a fire, but most likely just stinkyness.


Do what datsunmike said, and check for loose nuts and bolts, shit vibrates loose.

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A leaky valve cover gasket can be tightened if loose and hasn't been over tightened before and compressed OR for $5-$8 replace it. Six 10mm bolts and 10 min to do. Keep track of the #1 spark plug wire and the others are ... 3, 4, 2 in counter clockwise direction on the distributor cap.


Very, very, very unlikely it's the head gasket. They are extremely well sealed and I know of no gasket that failed in this area.

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