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76 model year 620. Can I title as a 75 if it was Manufactured in 75??


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The '75 model year starts with build dates of September '74 until July '75 and numbering starting 000001 to 090000


The '76 model year starts in August '75 with 090001-


There are engine tags with the serial number and the frame is stamped and must match. It's illegal to alter them and they will check.


You would have to legally buy a proper '75 frame and cab to get the matching engine tag. Also your '76 engine on a '75 frame would be subject to '76 smog anyway.

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The only rare chance you might have was if the vehicle was a very early production unit.  Often the first units were produced before the EPA had set the final rules for the upcoming year.  In that case, the manufacturer was permitted to test and certify to the prior year's standard.  In this case, the smog test sticker under the hood clearly states the year's standard to which the vehicle was certified and the standard to which it is to be tested to in coming years.  I have a very early production Infinii J30T and if I go to have it tested I have to point out the test to sticker in order to avoid complications.  Note, if you do have an early production unit, this does not exempt your 620 from testing, it just specifies the model year's standard for pass/fail.  Currently, the manufacturer determines just which model year to designate a particular unit as, logic has nothing to do with it. 

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